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sandownbayacademyStudents at a troubled school on the Island are this week facing the possibility of resitting a vital A-Level examination after they were taught the wrong text in similar style to a BBC Waterloo Road episode.

8 pupils at Sandown Bay Academy sat their combined AS English Language and Literature exam on Friday, however soon discovered that the text they had been studying – The Caretaker by Harold Pinter – didn’t feature in the exam at all, much to the shock of students and parents alike.

Angry and upset at the major oversight, those affected by the mistake met with the school’s English team to discuss the situation and the options now available to them.

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Today (Wednesday), a spokesperson for the Academies Enterprise Trust, which runs Sandown Bay Academy, said:

“We can confirm an investigation has been launched into the circumstances which led to eight students at Sandown Bay Academy sitting an AS English Language and Literature examination without knowledge of the text featured in the paper.

“This is deeply regrettable.

“When the full details are known the principal will write to the examination board to explain the position in order to safeguard the interests of the students concerned.

“At the resumption of the school term next week the principal will also write to the parents of the students to explain the position and the way forward.”

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