A verdict of suicide has been recorded in the death of 44-year-old Anna Louise Davies, who hanged herself from the bedroom door of her flat in Oakfield, Ryde last July.

As previously reported by Island Echo, Police officers and paramedics rushed to the Oakvale housing development in Oakfield on the evening of 4th July 2016. Sadly, a woman was pronounced dead inside a top floor flat in non-suspicious circumstances.

Today’s inquest, which was held in Newport, heard how Ms Davies’ boyfriend, Mr Joseph Hart, returned from a trip to the local shop to discover his partner hanging from the bedroom door. Forcing the door open, he found Ms Davies in a naked state with a noose around her neck. Despite the best efforts of Mr Hart, Police officers and later paramedics, her life could not be saved and she was pronounced dead at 17:50.

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A history of mental health issues was detailed during the inquest, including a near nervous breakdown in 1999. Ms Davies is said to have drank excessively and consumed up to 8 bottles of wine a day, but did manage to stay sober for a period of 5 weeks when she began visiting church.

As a result of her drinking, mental health issues and past suicide attempts, Ms Davies’ 2 daughters were taken away from her – something that Assistant Coroner John Matthews said was ‘the dominant thinking in her life’.

Mr Hart expressed some guilt in the court room as he explained that he felt rused by Ms Davies as she had asked him to go to the shop for alcohol and to ‘take his time’. Earlier in the day Ms Davies had entered the living room and showed Mr Hart the same noose around her neck, but later returned with the noose removed and seemed more positive. However, Mr Matthews said that if she hadn’t of committed suicide then, it is possible she would have done so in the future.

Paramedics arrive at the scene at 9, Oakvale – but it was already too late

DS Wilkinson of Newport CID told the inquest that a smartphone was recovered from the flat which showed recent search history for the term ‘what it feels like to commit suicide by hanging’. There were no signs of an overdose, with prescribed medication still sealed.

Anna, who suffered from borderline personality disorder, moved to the Island for a fresh start in April 2015. Less than a year later Mr Hart moved in with her. They met at a family party in Fareham 3 years previously.

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A post mortem confirmed that the cause of death was asphyxiation by hanging, with a 1.5cm wide ligature mark around Ms Davies’ neck.

Mr Matthews paid tribute to Mr Hart for his efforts in caring for her and expressed his sympathy and condolences. No other family members were present.

samaritans_logoIf you are experiencing feelings of distress or despair, you can call The Samaritans in confidence on 116 123. 

Help is at hand when you need it – you don’t have to be suicidal to get in touch.

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