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Gambling ships are large water vessels with a casino. In the past, the sailors anchored them three nautical miles from the U.S. coastline. Many gambling cruise ships were involved in organized crime. But, governments started creating convoluted statutes to control them. Many small and large cruise ships have onboard casinos. Here are six things you need to know about cruise ship casinos.

1.      They Are Friendly to Beginners

Many amateur gamers get intimidated when they visit traditional casinos. Cruise ships are an ideal place for beginners to hone their gaming skills. Some casinos teach inexperienced gamers how to play table games for free. You can start wagering real money once you learn a particular game. Besides, cruise ship casinos gave a relaxed environment as dealers strive to provide a memorable cruising experience.

2.      Age Limits

Most states in the U.S. need you to be above 20 to gamble in casinos. Even so, the minimum gambling age for cruise ships is 18. Millennials who ride on exotic casino boats can play different casino games such as blackjack, baccarat, and poker.

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3.      Types of Casino Games

Cruise ship casinos have a wide selection of casino games like craps, blackjack, roulette and coin-pusher machines. The machines use quarters instead of tokens. Cruise ship casinos often have one craps table and other table games including Texas Hold ‘Em poker and WPT Heads Up Hold. Besides, gamers can compete in various tournaments. Some cruise ship casino games are available in ordinary casinos. They include skill crane. It involves moving a key using a joystick to push down dollar bills.

4.      They Don’t Provide Free Drinks

Most land-based casinos offer gamers a free drink service. But, alcohol is a major revenue generator for cruise ships. So, they don’t offer free cocktails. Punters need to buy drinks at bars when they play games.

5.      Slot Machines and Table Games Limits

Cruise ship casinos are appropriate for low-stakes gamblers. They have a low limit thus offering a thrilling gaming experience to all pundits. For instance, the casinos have penny slots and high-stake machines. You can stake $5 to play most games. Most cruise ships accommodate less than 5,000 people. So, they need to have appealing casinos to attract gamers. For instance, holidaymakers play table games in Norwegian Cruises for $10.

6.      Cruise Ship Casinos Allow Smoking

Most parts of cruise ships prohibit smoking. They include the cabin and restaurants. But, you can smoke in a cruise ship casino. Gamers who hate cigarette smoke can visit the casinos in off-hours when there are few punters. Or, you can keep a distance from smokers in the casino.

Modern cruise ships such as the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, the Norwegian Cruise Lines, Line, Azamara and Celebrity Cruises allow smoking in their casinos. They have bars near the door for drinking and smoking. Some cruise ship casinos need vacationers to buy membership cards.

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Normally, cruise ship casinos are open when the ships are in certain ports or out to sea, Malta and Bermuda are some of the countries that allow cruise ship gambling. Most casinos operate up to It is important to check the daily cruise schedule to play different casino games. They provide a wide variety of games and allow gamers to wager with low stakes.


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