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Photo: UN Refugee Agency

isleofwightcouncillogoSyrian refugees and asylum seekers could be housed on the Isle of Wight if plans by the Isle of Wight Council go ahead.

The Council’s executive committee will meet on Thursday to discuss welcoming an initial 5 Syrian families to the Island on a temporary basis, however many more refugees may be welcomed more permanently.

The committee report highlights that not all Islanders may welcome the plans, stating ‘a lack of welcome may create new community pressures and needs, which won’t ensure a safe or thriving environment for temporary asylum seekers or resettled refugees’.

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It is suggested within the report that the Council approaches local community leaders, town and parish councils to map the willingness and capacity of local communities to welcome and host migrants and refugees, as well as identifying local community leaders and champions willing to assist with placements and community development.

It is recommended to the Executive to approve Option 2, which is to improve the council’s readiness to respond to national migration and refugee re-settlement programmes.

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Featured photo: UN Refugee Agency

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