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wightlinkwarriorsvincemapleytrophy_008Florida-based Cobra’s Garage Mahal will continue to support the Wightlink Warriors throughout the 2017 speedway season.

Warrior fans will recall that Steve Luxton – also known as Cobra from the American version of Gladiators – was a very early sponsor to throw his weight behind the efforts of Barry Bishop and Martin Widman that resulted in return of speedway to the Isle of Wight this year.

Warriors co-Promoter Barry Bishop said:

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“We are delighted to have the backing of Cobra’s Garage Mahal for a second season. We knew that from our first fans forum when he did the live interview via FaceTime from the USA that it was the beginning of something special and it is in part thanks to his enthusiasm, commitment, passion, and belief in The Warrior Way that we achieved so much.

“Thank you Cobra and Cobras Garage Mahal for your continued support, belief and trust in the Warriors to represent your brand at team level and we look forward to a stonking 2017. I personally look forward to seeing you and the International Team Warrior in April when I hope to deliver a surprise or two of my own.”

Cobra said of the sponsorship:

“This year started with a huge commitment from Cobra’s Garage Mahal and in doing so taking our sponsorship in the sport to a new level.

“With the growth of the collection from wonderful donations worldwide I have always tried to give back and that has mostly been in the way of helping young riders whenever possible but that changed in this last off season when Cobra’s Garage Mahal was asked to be one of the main sponsors of the newly formed Isle of Wight Warriors. Pledging support for a team that was still being built and a stadium that had not been used in years was a little nerve-racking to say the least but any fears I may have had were put to rest when Chief Warrior Barry Bishop came to the Mahal to close our deal.

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“Now as the season has come to an end on the Island and the shale dust has settled on an amazing comeback season I am here to say that Cobra’s Garage Mahal wants to be first to renew its partnership and expand its support for the 2017 season! Thank you Warrior “family” for flying the Mahal flag so high this year. See you all next summer.”

rmrproductsIn addition, RMR Products will be sponsoring the club again in 2017 by providing the club’s race jackets.

Talking of the new deal with the Warriors Roy Miller said:

“RMR Products are delighted to be involved with the Isle of Wight Warriors for a second season again providing the home race jackets. It has been an absolute pleasure to deal with the club in the 2016 season and I look forward to being involved for many seasons to come. It has been great to be part of the vibe around the club in 2016 and we feel 2017 the Warriors growth will continue and RMR want to be part of that.

“RMR Products would also like to thank the team at the Warriors for their support this year. It was so nice to be invited over and made to feel so welcome by everyone associated with the club and I plan on making it to more meetings in the 2017 season.”

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