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The body of a man in his 50s was recovered from Whitecliff Bay yesterday morning (Wednesday), Police have confirmed.

The deceased male was found at just gone 08:00, leading to Police being called to the scene.

It was 3 hours before the assistance of Bembridge RNLI was requested with lifeboat crewmen successfully recovering the body back to Lane End, Bembridge by 11:45.

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The station’s inshore D-Class lifeboat was used for the operation.

A spokesperson for Hampshire Constabulary has told Island Echo:

“The death of the man, aged in his 50s, is not being treated as suspicious and a file is being prepared for the Coroner.

“The man’s next of kin have been informed”.

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Isle de blanc

Why did it take 3 hours to call out a lifeboat and why was there not a coastguard team called then for what would surely of been safer than a boat across the ledges ???? Typical IW police doing there own version of events


Not the time or the place, a man with family and friends has lost his life.

Think before you comment.

Isle de blanc

A fair point in a lot of ways but maybe its because there is no cover at Bembridge coastguard currently and on another day perhaps someone could be helped quicker it should be about making better for people for all services ???


Probably to investigate/confirm cause of death was not a crime scene or suspicious before being able to move. Bit of a thoughtless comment considering this persons family.


isle de blanc – instead of sitting there ranting on your keyboard, perhaps you should get off your arse and volunteer for the coastguard or lifeboat. I cannot stand imbeciles that dictate and preach from their armchairs, about what everyone else should be doing, whilst doing the absolute amount of nothing themselves.


I think you have had a few harsh comments after your post, even if you had a fair point


Heart felt thoughts to the family at this sad time X


There’s always someone who thinks they could do a better job and that they know best!!!

Irene Brawn

Very sad

Fred Nurke

It is thoroughly disrespectful to the person and their family to keep him there so long.
The police knew when they would be ready, so retrieval could have been arranged in advance.

David ford

Forensics need to f dg o there bit before and body is moved as to not destroy and dna or evidence

Fred Nurke

The story specifically states 3 hours passed before calling RNLI for assistance. Therefore I stand by my comment.


Get a grip !!



Fred Nurke

What exactly did you mean to type when you posted this?

Fred Nurke

This was meant to include the original comment “forensics need to f dg o there bit and body as to not destroy and DNA or evidence”

Black rat

There are lots of reasons for the delay i.e, weather conditions, tide, position.
Before you make assumptions in future THINK.
Thoughts with family and friends of this poor guy and well done to all emergency services involved in what is not an easy job speaking with first hand experience.

Opinions Matter

Such a shame for this gentleman to end his life this way. Thoughts go out to his family. RIP now.


RIP. Love, prayers & condolences to family & friends❤️xx


Bless him and Hugs for the family and friends. l do hope he is in a happier place being taken care of by his angels. <3

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