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A woman was subjected to a shocking indecent exposure on a footpath in Ryde earlier this evening (Sunday).

The local woman was walking through the wooded area of Rosemary Lane and Pig Leg Lane, between Great Preston Road and Ashey Road, at around 17:15 when she was caught by surprise.

A man is reported to have indecently exposed himself and continued to ‘play with himself’ as the victim walked away.

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The woman wasn’t physically harmed.

It didn’t take long for the lady to return home and inform her family, who then proceeded to search the area.

A male was followed from the area towards town and Police moved in to make an arrest at around 18:00. The detained individual has been taken into custody for questioning.

UPDATE – A 37-year-old man from Ryde has been arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure, Police have confirmed.

Hampshire Constabulary say they received a report at 17:47 yesterday (Sunday 12th July) of a man indecently exposing himself in a field near Rosemary Lane, Ryde.

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The suspect has been questioned by officers investigating the report and he has been bailed until 9th August.

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Don't tell him pike.

The only persuasion needed is a size ten into his cobblers .

Perry Hill

My post of less aggression was removed.
So perhaps violence against such filth is more acceptable than just having a ‘chat’. Odd morals on here.
Understand how you feel, as if that were anyone I cared for, would feel the same.


This cretin ought to be castrated NOW, before it does real physical harm to some innocent girl. Chemicals are one option, but not the only one. At least it wouldn’t then breed more clones to harm others in the future.

Calum Glenister

These weird piece of filth needs removing from society for a very long time, as such can’t ever be ‘cured’ so need surgery.

The Truth

Seriously!? WTF is wrong with some people?

Old bean

Sick pervert a good flogging


It’s natural for anger to spring to mind for this sort of behaviour. This sort of outrageous behaviour has been going on for ages. This person needs help and should be given it . The mans family must be embarrassed . If nothing is done then this behaviour could lead to an attack. Then it gets serious. This could worryingly involve children. This person must be taken off the streets and only returned when professionaly assessed and deemed safe to return. Hopefully the woman he exposed himself to gets over this shocking incident.

Real Islander

With Prince Andrew as his role model…lets hope he gets justice too!!!


The appropriate response is always “Airing it won’t get the wrinkles out.” Or if particularly annoyed, “You couldn’t **** a polo mint with that.”

Perry Hill

Whilst humour is easy when sat in your safe home, in real life such events are shocking for a female alone to have to witness.   How would YOU like it, if it were a massive gay guy, who could easily over power you and do terrible things to you? Doubt you would just joke to him, and risk winding him up and making you even more in danger.   Imagine the shame if that man had then violated you, when your wife wanted attention, you would feel dirty, and could then have aids, or other vile diseases. IF you… Read more »


Totally agree with you when comments on this are supposed to be humorous made by mindless morons. If the woman had been their mother,wife,sister of one of their children would they still post childish comment . Doubt it. My first reaction would to beat the crap out the flasher. But in virtually all cases it doesn’t stop them. They need serious help. Like I previously posted take the person off the street and never let them back until a professional body assess them.


So you’ve instantly made the assumption that if man were to ‘flash’ another man they would be of gay? Isn’t that somewhat homophobic?

Perry Hill

My ‘point’ was, for lady, whom are ‘usually’ physically at a disadvantage to ‘most’ men if an attack followed the posters ‘suggestion’ of making ‘fun’ of the flashing, it would not be the best course of action to take.   The poster I was replying to, I ‘guess’ is male, and I was making the point that if some large man, was to flash to him, then it would be most frightening if you felt physically the underdog to someone clearly stronger, and would ‘he’ be so brave to make a joke at that time.   IF the man then… Read more »


So the comments never got turned off for this individual but they did for the air ambulance pervert think this is called protect the NHS


What happened to innocent before being proved guilty. Although an unpleasant and disturbing experience for the Lady, there is a period of time between the crime and the family going to look for the perpetrator. This is how miscarriage of justice happen. I just hope they got the right person.
Seems all the pitch fork welding folk here don’t care for the rule of law.

Candy Pink

Can’t believe the over the top attitudes of some people here in the comments. When I was growing up, it was nothing *that* unusual to get stupid men exposing themselves to young females. One ugly fat old man on the beach made my friend laugh aloud when he exposed himself while leaning back against a wall, thankfully I never saw it. Another time I was walking home one night with a girl I knew and just up the road from my house, a flasher exposed himself and asked if it was anything to do with us. I turned to look… Read more »

Sheila Ferguson

When I was a child in North London (60+ years ago) there was a man lived in our street who was well known for exposing himself to women and girls. He was often in court but seemed to return home regularly. We children named him Fred Bare and would hang about outside his house (playing in the street was the norm in those days) to see what happened! Nothing did thank goodness!


The far left bleeding heart liberals will always make excuses for the fetaristic uncontrollable hurges of perverts, it’s the way things are now….


Flasher today rapist tomorrow!!

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