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The 55-year-old woman’s damaged car

Isle of Wight man Samuel Paul Taylor has been banned from driving for 6 months following a serious road traffic collision on the outskirts of East Cowes earlier this year.

On 7th January 2019, emergency services rushed to Whippingham Road after a 2-car collision left a woman with a number of serious injuries. She was cut from her vehicle and flown to Southampton General Hospital by a local air ambulance. Thankfully, she survived what has been described as a near-fatal collision.

Taylor, a mobile tyre fitter from Station Avenue in Sandown, was also injured in the crash but his injuries were not as serious.

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Now, the 26-year-old has pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention in that he drove on the wrong side of the road. He has been given a 6-month driving ban by the Isle of Wight Magistrates Court, as well as being fined £300 and ordered to pay a £30 surcharge.

For Taylor, Keith Verrinder stated in court that his client did not believe he was driving too fast at the time of the crash and could not explain why he lost control of his car. Taylor has said that the slippery conditions may have been a factor.

The 55-year-old driver of the other vehicle could not recall what happened.

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none given

Six months ban! Is that it!!!

Hardly worth the bother of actually going to court.

This clown should be made to retake his test, after a ban of at least 5 years and he should be made to pay for the cost of the ambulance that
flew the injured driver to Southampton, as a financial penalty. It should be deducted from his wages, assuming he has a job until paid off
and be liable to cover any loss of earnings, that the other driver incurred due to being off work, because of his inept driving.


Insurance ? Then when he gets his licence back they will make him pay. Agree 6 months too short.


6 months ban and a fine…. what a joke …

What’s the person up Briddlesford road going to get a year ban ?? Come on you need to start giving these reckless drivers serious punishment before people start dying


I think we forget that driving is a privilege and not a right. Disobey the rules, lose the privilege completely. I think this principle has been lost from many aspects of modern life, but then I’m old and grumpy!

Dan Skelton

I guarantee if he got caught tax dodging he’d be put away for a thousand years. How do these thick “judges” with their pathetic wigs even get their job? They couldn’t judge a pizza being cooked.

Peter hall

This should be challenged by someone, there should be a system in place to correct what most people would see as an inappropriate sentence. As mentioned the costs incurred by the attending and subsequent nhs should all be charged to an offender. And compensation to the injured party should be substantial. Has the lady had loss of earnings a reduction in quality of life, a fear of driving and nightmares, anguish to her family and friends, I hope she is better and can recover fully, although the useless magistrates have not taken any of this into account, sack them now.… Read more »

Martin Ryde

Ridiculously poor sentence… 6 months ban? Absolutely no deterrent to others and an insult to the Woman who was injured by this idiot!

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