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There has been a road traffic collision involving 2 vehicles on the outskirts of Ryde this evening (Saturday).

The 2 cars – a BMW 1-series saloon and a black hatchback – have collided on Swanmore Road at the junctions of Ashey Road and Partlands Avenue.

A home delivery driver has stopped at the scene alongside other members of the public, although the Police are now in attendance.

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The incident occurred just before 21:15.

Driving conditions are less than favourable tonight with a yellow weather warning for heavy rain and strong gales currently in force.

The road remains open and the vehicles have been moved to the side of the carriageway. Debris is being cleared.

Island Echo understands that nobody has been injured and no ambulances have been requested to attend the scene.

Recovery of the 2 damaged vehicles is being arranged.

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Crash test dummy

Yet another accident I’m sure it won’t be the last one tonight why do people think they can drive the same way weather the roads are dry or wet


People are ignorant and stupid.. It’s jungle out there….


Not the weather thats a problem..its idiot drivers of old BMW with alloy wheels..sterotyping…maybe.

John hill

Steve-o you have a sad life to sit the pointing the finger when you don’t know what happened maybe someone might hit into you today and we can all point the finger at you Steve you big plonker

Benjamin Dyer

If you zoom in, the BMW has alloy wheels but the tyres have a good tread depth. Just wrong place at the wrong time for both vehicles. Hope both drivers are well.


People like you always make excuses for a very high percentage of total brain dead idiots that roam our roads, why don’t you shut up and realise we have a massive problem with island drivers that have no understanding how to drive safely….

Last edited 1 month ago by Truth

More brilliant drivers on Isle of Wight, in too much of a hurry, not looking properly no doubt, plus the wet road..


The conditions are nowhere near bad enough to be to blame

Daniel m

I was a witness to it and neither driver was driving bad it was just an unfortunate accident

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