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Bembridge Coastguard Rescue Team were tasked to meet a yacht after it declared ‘mayday’ earlier on this evening (Friday). 

Southampton Patrol Boat Pathfinder initially attended the vessel in distress after hearing the mayday call at around 17:00.

It is said the yacht ‘Solitaire’ became swamped by large waves and required assistance off of Gurnard.

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The Patrol Boat then towed the yacht into Cowes harbour to where they were greeted by Bembridge CRT who were tasked at 17:47.

The sailor was checked over by the Coastguard Rescue Team and was found to be safe and well.

Bembridge CRT has since stood down from the incident.

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I guess that’s quite an original way to get to the Island. Hope they searched the yacht for anything “illegal”


What like Covid 19?


Well considering Covid-19 isn’t ‘illegal” I’m going to say thats a no.


Fancy a trip sailing to the Island – Read the comments from the Island locals! ⛵

West Wighter

Don’t think they should be at sea at all,if there scared of large waves!! South west wind I think Gurnard would be relatively calm prob 2ft swell

Boating recreation

It is unfortunate, regrettable and avoidable that the skipper of a small yacht like this should fail to check and understand the weather conditions and end up in an apparent ‘mayday’ scenario – requiring assistance from the dedicated volunteers that give their time to our independently funded RNLI. But we are all human and we all make mistakes and choices we think better of with hindsight. However to comment that this minor incident might have anything to do with smuggling or illegal activity is utter nonsense and incredibly naive and ignorant! Whats wrong with you people? Is that really what… Read more »


What a total twat. Fancy going out in those conditions yesterday. Putting other peoples lives at risk when you get in to trouble,

Nigel shore

Just another brain dead grotty yachty. Surprised the wind surfers were not out.


If the “skipper” had planned ahead, ie. Look at the weather/tidal conditions this would never have happened and emergency resources would not have been called in


What if people looked right and left before crossing the road or drivers slowed down there wouldn’t be no accidents. Mind you, there will always be rude and self opinionated experts around!


Well said, I’m a sailor and the comments here sum up some non sailing slanders perfectly!

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