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The Wightlink Warriors have been forced in to a team change following the National League coordinator’s assessment that Harland Cook’s average must be 4.18 for the league and this will be 0.16 over the 39 points limit set at the AGM. 

The speedway team’s management have been left struggling to understand the ruling, which at the eleventh hour has left a space open on the Isle of Wight side’s team for the 2017 season.

Wightlink Warriors co-promoter Barry Bishop said:

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“Martin, Jackie and I struggle to understand the logic behind this ruling as Harland was named as a number 8 for the Bournemouth Buccaneers in 2009, in what was to be his last season riding speedway before switching successfully to the grass, which means his last registered average was 3.00 and in addition to this, another set of rules indicated that he should be treated as a new rider in any case so also on a 3.00 point average.

“To further confuse the situation, 3 other riders returned to racing last season all of whom were the same grade as Harland in the 2008 conference league grading system and were assessed to be a 3.5 NL points average.

“As a new promotion, we really struggle to understand this ruling and have requested on several occasions for the formula used to calculate such average assessments to be made available to promoters so that we don’t find ourselves in this situation again. However, we have known of the ruling for some time, so has Harland, and we tried passionately to counter argue with the NL coordinator but despite our pleas for reason, we have been told that Harland cannot ride on an average of 3.00.

“While I am bitterly disappointed that we will not have Harland in the side, and even more so to let Harland go, we have to respect the decision of the NL coordinator and we will now throw our doors open to any rider on a 4.04 average or less to get in contact with us for a chat. In the first instance please email [email protected]. In true Warrior Way fashion, now is your chance… come and take it.”

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