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Islanders were greeted by the spectacular sight of an RAF Spitfire flypast over St Mary’s Hospital this afternoon (Saturday). 

The flight were carried out by the Air Restoration Company which today’s flypast focused on the South & South East of the country meaning that Islanders had the chance the plane with ‘THANK U NHS’ painted underneath.

The Spitfire took off at around 11:00 from Duxford Airfield in Cambridge before it made its way towards the South.

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The plane travelled over hospitals in and around Kent, Dover, Hastings, Bognor Regis and Sussex before it landed at Goodwood Aerodrome in Chichester for a short break.

At 15:00 the Spitfire took off once again before circing the Queen Alexandra Hosptial in Portsmouth and reaching St Mary’s Hosptial at 15:10.

Sun shone brightly as onlookers watched on – including nurses and doctors from the hospital – as they got a glimpse of the RAF aeroplane.

The pilot flew the Spitfire over St Mary’s Hospital from the east before performing a couple of loops around the site.

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Onlookers took to their cameras and captured this ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity before it made its way west towards Poole Hospital and finish its circuit.

Thank you NHS (Josh Thomas)

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Mark Jennings

Donald Trump has the right idea for the “pandemic”
Just get herd immunity, no need for masks or distancing and get it over with.
Really do hope he wins in November, it’ll be glorious 😀


@156,000 people dead of course you are right.

Mark Jennings

Would still vote for him if I were American, mate.

Pretty in pink .

Never understood why people hate him, he actually does what he says he is going to do .which is what you want from a politician ,surely ?.I hope he wins too .

Carly Green

President Trump to the snowflake simplistic minds, made the ultimate, unforgivable mistake of caring for his own country and it’s population first.   By not only telling it how it is with the costly, troublesome outsiders coming into the USA, he tried to ‘do’ something about it, instead as we do, using just words. BUT as those attempting to illegally enter the USA were not Caucasian, then to snowflakes they are only ever ‘ innocent victims’ and can do ‘no wrong’ and anything illegal they ‘do’ do, is always ‘someone else’s’ fault.   Luckily, like real snowflakes, their ‘impression’ seems… Read more »


That’s why they Hate him. The do nothing DemoRats , do Nothing.

Nin Williams

Even better idea, pack up go set up home in California… See how “the herd immunity is coping” you numbnut… Islanders, would happily say”au revoir twunk”!

Mark Jennings

Go to a Democrat run state? Not likely, pal…

Calm Down

Seasonal flu is responsible for upwards of 600,000 deaths EVERY year, this year’s one, named covid-19, just the latest strain in the massive family of coronaviruses that have been around as long as life itself, has yet to surpass even the high average for any other seasonal flu’s death toll. Those same seasonal flu outbreaks are responsible for the deaths of about 0.1% of the human population, even if you go by the massively inflated official death statistics, Covid-19 has killed roughly only 0.07%.   Naturally, it sounds bad to be quoting deaths in the hundreds of thousands, but it… Read more »

Mr justice

4million died swine flu in USA, you havent a clue some research instead of being a parrot!


What the hell has this got to do with a Spitfire flypast. Troll.


Nothing, yet at the same time everything. The Spitfire is iconic, a war machine morphing into a piece of art nowadays. I think its defaced personally, what next, Van Goghs , was it sunflowers with a LBGT+/NHS rainbow symbol, saying thank you NHS. Dont get me wrong, i support the efforts of the health service, i work for it, but this worship stuff is getting out of hand, false idols? Can we just adopt a KEEP CALM - CARRY ON attitude please, or as my 87 year old mum would say, "well!, youll just have to get on with it”… Read more »


So the nurses and doctors got a break to watch this flyover. Shows how busy they are at St. Mary’s Crikey make what you will of this.

Christopher Davis

What a vile comment, I suspect,if you work,you have a break! If you want to make comments like this at least stop hiding behind a fake name


I posted no vile comment against the gesture to the message . I have family and friends who work at St Mary’s . The whole hospital do not have a well deserved break at the same time . To JW read the info again. It states onlookers and doctors and nurses. I’ll stand by what I said previously by passing on what I was told. The wards are virtually empty thank god. You don’t know me well enough to profile my personality. My conscience is clear. Why didn’t you have a go at the morons that tried to make a… Read more »

Mr justice

What dont like the truth! Everyone knows the hospitals are empty. People cant get treatment for cancer,3million people. Because the nhs is shut. There I said it,the truth. Sorry sheep, I know the truth hurts .


Did they I didn’t see any only the public

Opinions Matter

A nice gesture to thank the NHS. It made the event more special having a Spitfire involved. Thank you to the pilot who flew around the South coast getting the message across.


Here, here!


To the Editor. This is not a post but a question to you. About 2 hours ago I responded to an accusation of posting a vile comment. This was to Christopher Davis. My response was not rude,outrageous,vile etc., I explained and laid out that it wasn’t a pop at any NHS personal. At this moment it has not been printed – what’s the problem. Again if you allow comments that are below the belt and sometimes downright rude then either it applies to all or delete and block it. If any of mine were then yes it would and should… Read more »


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