A little-known project called GameFi has been announced on the BitBoy Crypto channel, which is closely followed by the cryptocurrency community. The popular crypto channel project allows digital assets to be integrated into the game. Blockchain-based gaming applications that have recently gained attention could be a new industry that is poised to explode. So what is this project, what are the target prices and what exactly does it do with the best crypto signals?

  • The project has an extremely unique model and analysts believe it will make a big contribution to AAA games for next generation gameplay.
  • Project Quantum (QBIT), which helps customize characters and PVP / PVE battles in games, also promises earnings to users.

Funded by the BEP-20 QBIT token built on Binance Smart Chain, the project is also powered by the popular Unreal 5 game.

  • “Project Quantum is a first-person shooter (looting) in which players must explore maps in search of valuable artifacts and technologies to uncover unknown secrets of the past. Players try to survive individually or as a team on dangerous maps. It focuses on hunting, war and robbery, and you win with fun. “

It is hoped by SafeTrading that the project currently supported by Unreal 5 will serve a much wider range of users in the future. You may also wish to consider another best crypto trading platform.

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Project Quantum (QBIT) Price Predictions

QBIT is the project’s own token. This token will also be used to determine the in-game economy. Players will also be sold with this token. Some features or game virtual objects are planned to be sold for the Project Quantum token (QBIT) best crypto signals.

  • “In addition to these fan tokens, the value of the QBIT token may increase as Project Quantum migrates to other gaming platforms.”

Project Quantum (QBIT), which has around $ 10 trillion in reserves, has surged nearly 100% after a well-known analyst announced the project. It is currently priced at $ 0.00006309. However, its daily volume is still less than $ 1.2 million. The Quantum Project (QBIT), which has a market value of $ 13 million, according to a well-known analyst, could grow by 10,000 percent and create a major explosion.

At the moment, the token, which can only be purchased through PancakeSwap, has not yet started listing on exchanges. If the price is low and the news of inclusion in the project comes, you can see a sharp increase. However, a significant portion of cryptocurrency initiatives have faded over time. If you are thinking about investing, you should study the development team and all the details of the project.

How much will Bitcoin cost at the end of the year?

Popular cryptanalyst Justin Bennett points out the price level that matters to bitcoin’s year-end goals. This critical level will determine how BTC performs during the rest of the year, he said.

The analyst of SafeTrading, who has 67,000 Twitter followers, says an adjustment towards $ 40,000 for bitcoin seems logical and the direction of the trend will become clear once that level is reached.

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  • “A pullback to basic weekly support of $ 40,000 seems very logical here. This is not entirely accurate, but this is a scenario that should be considered. “

On the weekly chart, Bennett points to April, when Bitcoin formed a local high, and suggests that a similar pattern could emerge at that time – analyst of SafeTrading.

What is a bullish engulfing pattern?

  1. Engulfing (bullish-bearish) is a reversal pattern consisting of two candlesticks. That is, it happens at the end of an uptrend or downtrend. If it is formed at the end of a downtrend, the first candlestick will be red, the second candlestick will be green. The opposite happens if it happens at the end of an uptrend.
  2. Bullish engulfing is a pattern that signals the end of a downtrend and the beginning of an uptrend. The most distinctive feature is that the second candlestick swallows the body of the first candlestick, that is, it covers it. Namely; The second candlestick opens lower (or higher) than the first candlestick and closes higher (or lower) than the first candlestick.

Following this potential drop, the analyst predicts that there is likely to be a spike towards a critical price level for Bitcoin, a year-end target that could determine the fate of the market.

“I believe it is $ 39,300. From there, it is likely to jump to $ 48,000-49,000 to decide whether to make a “higher high” or a “lower high.” And he will decide what happens to the rest. ”

He also commented on the sharp decline this week to see if the ETH bear trap says it needs a close above the key resistance area.

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He states that if it doesn’t, the $ 3,300 area will leave ETH vulnerable to further fixes.

“ETHUSDT needs to close above the $ 3550- $ 3700 zone to confirm Tuesday’s sell as a false break / bearish trap.

If it doesn’t, the $ 3,330 support level could be vulnerable to a close below the $ 2,900 open.

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