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A couple from Northwood have been so delighted with the treatment they have received for several operations at a Southampton Hospital that they’ve joined its patient forum in order to help spread the hospital’s awareness across the Island.

Lorraine and Barry Jolliffe, 58 and 76 respectively, have joined the patient forum at the Practice Plus Group Hospital Southampton (formerly Southampton NHS Treatment Centre), which is based at the Royal South Hants Hospital Southampton.

The couple’s experience of the hospital started in 2018 when Lorraine was admitted for shoulder surgery. The couple were so impressed by the level of care Lorraine received that Barry asked to be referred there as well, firstly for a complete knee replacement and then cataract surgery on both eyes in 2019.

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The Jolliffes are now trying to encourage more people from the Island to opt for care at Practice Plus Group Hospital Southampton. They have already made a start by explaining the excellent care they received to the clients of the charity they volunteer and drive for.

Lorraine commented:

“Firstly, if your doctor thinks you need treatment, and it is for a procedure they can do at the hospital, you can ask to be referred there under the NHS Patient Choices Scheme for your treatment, it’s your choice. The second is that it is not at all difficult to get there. Red Jet offer a special discount for NHS patients (on production of your referral letter and ID) and taxis are right outside the terminal, there is also a bus service and both are inexpensive – the bus return ticket is just £3 (ish) for example.”

Barry added:

“People need not worry about their aftercare either. The hospital liaises closely with our local hospital and your own doctor. You will be offered follow-up appointments if your surgeon requires it. The other good news is that, in general, waiting times are shorter. The more of us who use the hospital in Southampton, the more we are able to reduce the pressure on our own excellent NHS services here on the Island.”

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John McMenamin, Hospital Director at Practice Plus Group Hospital Southampton, added:

“We are delighted that Mr and Mrs Jolliffe are members of our patient forum and we thoroughly appreciate their efforts to encourage more patients to come to us from the Island. Now that we are again in a national lockdown I would like to reassure all our patients that we continue to work hard to maintain this hospital as a COVID-secure environment and that it is safe to come to us for their care.”

The team at the hospital are urging patients from the Island who have an outpatient appointment or who are due for surgery to attend as planned despite the introduction of a national lockdown.

Anyone from the Isle of Wight who has received treatment at Practice Plus Group Hospital Southampton and would like to share their story, or who would like to know more about the hospital, can contact Lorraine and Barry via email at [email protected] or [email protected].

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16 days ago

I wouldn’t go anywhere else! Received excellent treatment for painful calcium buildup in a shoulder tendon by means of an outpatient procedure called lavage. Had been told over here that it doesn’t work so couldn’t have it here. Three years later and I’m still 100% pain free!

16 days ago

Much better treatment on the Mainland

jammy weatherick
jammy weatherick
Reply to  John
16 days ago

Sadly it is a known fact that we end up with some of the lesser ambitious staff here. Those who are more go getters don’t wish to come here as education, social life, and openings just don’t occur here as they do if working on the mainland. Whilst many of us, myself included prefer the slower, duller, poorer life here, many from the mainland don’t, hence mostly the lower end of the spectrum stay here, or those, who too don’t hanker after ambition. They sadly are few in numbers. Best get anything other than simple procedures done on the mainland… Read more »

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