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Since the General Election on 12th December, Island Labour membership has risen by 118, taking the party to nearly 1,000 members on the Isle of Wight.

New members joining before 20th January will be able to vote in the Labour leadership contest.

Island Labour Chair, Julian Critchley, said:

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“I think this is probably down to three factors. Firstly, there are people joining in order to ensure their voice can be heard in the leadership election.

“Secondly, we always receive a boost to membership after a general election, because the increased focus on the political situation inspires people to join up.”

“On the Island, there’s a third factor, which is that we’ve shown that 2017 wasn’t a one-off result, and the progressive momentum locally is all behind the Labour Party.

“Despite Labour’s vote falling nationally, our vote grew here on the Isle of Wight, demonstrating the strength of the party locally.”

“The local elections are next year, and Islanders who are desperate to remove the Tories from power in Newport are now under no illusions as to which party will be challenging them.”

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“To put this in context, in 2017, the total Tory vote in Council elections across the island was 18377.

“In December, Richard Quigley’s vote as Labour candidate was 18078.

“So we know there are enough Labour voters out there to win many seats on the council and remove the Tories’ majority.

“Our job now is to get those voters to turn out next year.”

“So I’m delighted to welcome all our new members, particularly those who have previously supported other progressive parties, to Island Labour.

“There’s a real need for change on the Island, and through the efforts of our members, we’re going to deliver it.”

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None Given

no quigley there is not a need for change, certainly not the sort of socialist, lefty do gooding, tax, tax tax change that labour always bring in.

If we on the island wanted labour – you would already have been in office, at the election last month – the tory’s have the support here – not you.

none given

to put it into context correctly – in the 2017 council elections .. conservatives won 25 seats labour won 1 seat 40 seats contested in total. in the 2019 general election, the island result was conservative 41,815 labour 18078 Labour have never, ever held the island could \Julian critchley be any more racist, ageist and anti democratic if he tried….. The Isle of Wight is the largest constituency in the country. It also happens to be considerably whiter, older and Brexitier (62% Leave) than most places. We have no higher education institution, so few students. We’re short on public… Read more »

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