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Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely has thrown his support behind a campaign which aims to see all removed moles tested for melanoma skin cancer – by law.

A petition calling for ‘Zoe’s Law’ – which gathered over 10,000 signatures in just 6 days – was started by Zoe Panayi’s family after the mother-of-2 died last month of melanoma skin cancer, aged just 26.

Zoe’s mother, Eileen Punter, wrote to Bob explaining that the purpose of the petition was to change the law to make the testing of all moles removed – even for cosmetic reasons – regulated and mandatory.

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Mrs Punter said:

“We want to raise awareness about melanoma skin cancer, and we want to make it law that all removed moles are tested.”

Bob told Mrs Punter he would join the campaign taking it to the highest place he could – the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock. He said:

“This is a tragic story and I want to do all I can to help Zoe’s family take their campaign to the highest level. I have written to the Health Secretary to raise awareness of this issue at the highest level.

“I encourage everyone to sign the petition. We need to get the law changed to try to prevent others from going through the pain that Zoe and her family have had to endure.

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“I will do all I can to support the family and ensure their voices are heard in Westminster.”

Anyone wishing to sign the petition can do so here:

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Very sad case. I do wonder how much harm all the makeup, and creams used by most women are adding to skin cancer cases. Whilst they are no doubt tested, the combination of the myriad of pots used today could perhaps have a harmful combined effect.   Sunlight is natural, yet it is not natural to keep smearing so many different products on your skin that often the person is unrecognisable without such .   Let’s hope that the testing is made law so some good can come from this awfully tragic, beautiful ladies untimely death.   How terrible for… Read more »

Dystopian World

Cruelty Free and Vegan Make Up and Products are FINE.!

Annette Baker

It was a mole on her back, not on her face, covered by make up and creams, as you put it. My mum and dad have both had melanoma….no trace of make up, so I really don’t see the relevance of your comment. This is all about getting doctors to take people’s concerns seriously. My mum had the same experience as Zoe did with a doctor, so this isn’t isolated.


It would help if when you went to your doctors they actually listened to your concerns about moles, it’s easier for them to fob you off especially now when G.Ps seem to be in hiding . You can’t see a doctor if you ask for a phone appointment it’s a nurse that rings you, they don’t want to go to care homes even when someone has died they don’t want to go to certify the death ,in fact what are they currently being paid for ?


I totally agree with ‘Despondent’ comments, the GP’s should be forced to come back to work or go without pay because so many conditions will be missed without proper examinations taking place.
I work at the hospital and wonder how they can justify their behaviour, when junior doctors are slaving away on the wards as well as all the rest of the staff.
Medical neglect is not what they signed up for is it??

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