Cancellations on Red Funnel’s hi-speed Red Jet service are set to continue into the weekend, it has been confirmed.

Red Jet 7 needs to be dry docked in Hythe to allow further investigations to take place into the mechanical issue with the starboard inner jet unit.

As a result, the cross-Solent operator has confirmed that the temporary reduced timetable needs to be extended, meaning further cancellations on Friday and into Saturday.

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A spokesperson from Red Funnel has said:

“Our specialist marine contractors and engineers are working hard to resolve the issue and we expect that Red Jet 7 will be ready to return to service at the beginning of next week. Our Sunday Red Jet service will continue running as normal.

“In the meantime, we are continuing to encourage customers to plan ahead by checking the live departures on our website and to consider using our ferry vehicles as an alternative option, which are currently running to timetable.

“We apologise again for any difficulties this may have caused to customer journeys and are working towards resuming our normal timetable as quickly and as safely as possible.”

The following Red Jet crossings have been cancelled:

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From Southampton

  • Thursday 14th Oct: 16.55, 18.15
  • Friday 15th Oct: 06:15, 07:35, 08:55; 16:55, 18:15
  • Saturday 16th Oct: 07:35, 08:55, 10:15, 11:35, 12:55, 14:15, 15:35, 16:55, 18:15

From West Cowes

  • Thursday 14th Oct: 17:35, 18:55
  • Friday 15th Oct: 06:55, 08:15, 09:35, 17:35, 18:55
  • Saturday 16th Oct: 08:15, 09:35, 10:55, 12:15, 13:35, 14:55, 16:15, 17:35, 18:55

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Roja Embudo
Roja Embudo
13 days ago

With two other Red Jets in the fleet, why are they not used to keep the timetable?

13 days ago

Well, what can we say cancelled crossings, delays, floating bridge out of action, nothing like causing headaches for the island, is it now time for bridge or tunnel? With the amount of money being thrown at floating bridge could of built a proper bridge.

13 days ago

dont get cancellations on a fixed link

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