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jamierusselthunderlightningUPDATED: Localised flooding, hailstones the size of golf balls, fallen telephone lines and winds of up to 72mph caused panic last night when a storm swept across the Island, causing wide-spread damage along the way.

Residents took to the Isle of Wight Breaking News Group to share their experiences as many suffered damage to their properties, had frightened pets at home and some of the more adventurous shared photographs of fork lightning striking down to the ground.

Our featured image was captured in Sandown Bay by Jamie Russell of Island Visions Photography.

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joannacrouchhailstonesAccording to weather experts Wroxall Weather, the Isle of Wight experienced 15mm of rain in under 10 minutes with the highest wind gust being 72mph.

Wroxall Weather’s David Carrington believed the Island was subjected to a mini tornado last night:

“Due to a number of reports and descriptions, plus looking back on the instability of the atmospheric conditions we are pretty certain that the Island may of had a mini tornado.

“Although we can’t prove it for sure unless anyone has a photo, we are 90% positive we had one.

“We are still collecting data at the moment but the conditions where spot on. If it had happened during the day it would of been easier to see.”

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Locals have reported smashed windows and dented cars as large hailstones fell to the ground without warning.

firenightcloseFire crews from the Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service attended a number of incidents in Ryde, Sandown, Shanklin and Lake, as well as responding to a stable block on the outskirts of Godshill, which had suffered serious structural damage during the storm, similar to damage that could have been caused by a tornado.

Two pumping appliances were sent to Alexandra Road in Cowes after reports of a house fire, which turned out to be steam generated from forceful rain landing on an external light.

A telephone line came down at the junction of Station Avenue and The Broadway in Sandown, while tiles were ripped off the roof of Shanklin Beach Hotel.

Several roads were flooded as the Island became submerged in flash floods, reportedly up to the height of car doors in some locations.

Photo: Hail stones in Seaview by Joanna Crouch


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