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The Isle of Wight is in the top 10 cheapest places in the UK for car insurance, according to comparethemarket.

Motorists on the Island are paying, on average, £449.95 per annum for their car insurance. This is £141.68 more expensive than the Isles of Scilly.

Devon has some of the cheapest areas for car insurance in the UK with West Devon, Teignbridge and East Devon all coming in the top 10 cheapest areas.

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The top 5 cheapest areas for car insurance: 

Rank Local Authority Average Car Insurance Quote
1 Isles of Scilly £308.27
2 West Devon £439.98
3 Isle of Wight £449.95
4 North Norfolk £464.38
5 East Devon £465.99
6 Teignbridge £468.96
7 South Hams £472.44
8 Berwick-upon-Tweed £473.78
9 Kerrier £474.78
10 Christchurch £475.20

The top 5 most expensive areas for car insurance:

Rank Local Authority Average Car Insurance Quote
1 Newham £1,508.91
2 Tower Hamlets £1,373.31
3 Brent £1,326.76
4 Hackney £1,295.84
5 Barking and Dagenham £1,282.30

Dan Hutson, Head of Motor Insurance at, said:

“Cheaper premiums this winter are a silver lining for motorists. Drivers will be pleased that premiums are more affordable than in previous years, as household budgets continue to be strained. The cost of insurance began to rise in the autumn, but after the second lockdown came into force premiums began falling again.

“Switching to a cheaper deal continues to be the best way to cut the cost of car insurance, with our research showing the difference between the cheapest and average premium is £104. In addition, if you plan to spend less time on the road in the coming months, perhaps because you can work from home, your insurer may consider you a lower risk and cut the cost of your premium. However, as the vaccine roll-out gets underway and the economy starts to recover, premiums may also start to rise as more motorists return to the roads.”

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12 days ago

So note that where those who can do no wrong, least can’t be blamed are at the greatest numbers, insurance is highest. Coincidence, I don’t think so.

Sadly our status here will change once built to capacity and filled with ‘quality’ tenants from ‘elsewhere’

Watch and learn.

Vote this c ouncil out.

Duncan Disorderly
Duncan Disorderly
Reply to  Y.I-Man
12 days ago

I think you’ll find that most bad drivers on the Island are those that don’t bother getting insured therefore won’t count towards the numbers.

12 days ago

Which is surprising considering the number of cars which leap into hedgerows

Reply to  JHVF
12 days ago

Squalid little lives of drugs, alcohol, and driving as fast as they can, is all these little petty criminals aspire and are capable of.

So once we add thousands more here, from even worse ‘stock’ then watch all traffic accidents rise as unlike the mainland, there are no huge roads to funnel excess traffic onto.

The co unci are seriously at fault for allowing such here.

Off to work
Off to work
11 days ago

Please don’t tell the council im sure they will work out how to rob us of more money

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