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War memorials situated in Wootton and Cowes have been given a Grade II listing as part of Historic England’s pledge to protect 2,500 memorials by 2018, marking the centenary of the First World War.

A total of 68 war memorials have been listed across the South East this summer with the majority having been listed at Grade II, however the war memorials at Ditchling in East Sussex; Harting in West Sussex and Bisham in Berkshire have been listed at Grade II*. All 3 memorials were designed by nationally renowned sculptor Eric Gill, one of the most celebrated lettercutters, engravers, typographers and sculptors of his time.

Built by communities in the years following conflict, all these memorials are a poignant, physical reminder of the sacrifices and loss the First World War brought about. 100 years on, it is time to come together again to ensure memorials are in good condition, and properly recognised by listing where appropriate.

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Historic England South East is asking the public to help look after their local war memorial. Many war memorials aren’t protected by listing and the organisation need help to recognise these important monuments to make sure those they commemorate aren’t forgotten. Individuals, communities and even school children from across the South East have already got involved by getting their local war memorial listed. For more on getting a war memorial listed or applying for grant money for conservation and repair works click here.

Roger Bowdler, Director of Listing at Historic England, said:

“Researching, recording and recommending up to 2,500 more war memorials for listing over the next five years is a major task but one that Historic England is proud to undertake. These memorials will gain a place on the National Heritage List for England to tell the story of this country’s sacrifice and struggle.”

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