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herparentsdaughtercarolynAward winning Isle of Wight based author, Carolyn McCrae, is back with her fifth book.

Her Parents’ Daughter is a slow-burning story of espionage, obsession and revenge. A murder is committed in full view of witnesses and the police believe they have an easily provable case but, as in all Carolyn McCrae novels, nothing is quite as it seems.

Carolyn, who lives in Yarmouth, is a business woman whose career in computing has spanned 37 years of changing technologies. When she started her company, which provides database support to select clients in leisure industries, personal computers barely existed – e-mail and the internet were unheard of. It is this fast pace of change that has led Carolyn to set her books in the past, reflecting her abiding interest in politics and history.

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Carolyn had ambitions beyond making her business successful. In 1981 she raced cars (in her small number of races she was overtaken by Ayrton Senna only four times). In 1989 she learned to fly (but flew solo only once).

As John Lennon quoted “Life is what happens when you’re making other plans” and although many of her ambitions have been thwarted by ‘life’, Carolyn never lost her desire to write. Now, with five books published since 2006 and a sixth due for publication in 2015, Carolyn is fulfilling her dream.

Readers of Her Parents’ Daughter are invited to enter a competition, details of which can be found at www.carolynmccrae.com.

Carolyn’s books are available from her website, on-line booksellers, bookshops and New Generation Publishing.

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