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Allsopp pushing ahead

Wighltink-Wight Mountain Cycle Race Team riders Kev Chant, James Veal and Matt Allsopp raced the Fat Creations series at Goodwood on Tuesday (6th August).

With 101 strong riders, it was fast from the start. When the Isle of Wight riders saw a chance to break away at the end of the first lap they made their move, taking a small group of riders with them to create a big gap between them and the main bunch. With no help from the other riders, it only lasted a lap, unfortunately.

Rolling straight into a prime lap Kev worked well to get Matt to the front to take 2nd in the first prime, with James Veal getting straight into a break of 5 which stayed away until shortly after the second prime. Veal took 2nd in the sprint which saw him also gaining him points towards the series overall.

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3 laps later both James and Kev worked hard and got Allsopp in a position to win the final prime comfortably.

With a few riders getting away from the main bunch in the last couple of laps, the 3 Island riders recovered before getting on the front to chase down the break. 3 of the 5 riders dropped off the break and got swallowed but the 99 riders.

Kev was going at such a pace the main bunch was almost single file coming into the final straight when Allsopp finished the job winning the bunch sprint putting him in the lead for the series win with 1 race to go.



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