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A car which was seen being driven erratically in several locations across the Isle of Wight and was involved in a collision last night (Friday) has been seized by Police.

Hampshire Constabulary received a number of calls in relation to a blue Vauxhall Zafira which was said to be driving erratically within the Newport area.

The vehicle was also involved in a fail-to-stop collision with another vehicle near Caesars Road.

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Following an appeal for information via the Isle of Wight Police Facebook Page, a whole stream of information came to light reporting that the same vehicle had been seen in Ryde and Freshwater too.

It has now been confirmed that Inspector Henderson-Parish successfully located the vehicle overnight and was able to take it off the roads.

It’s thought the vehicle was found in Brickfield Close sometime around midnight.

Enquiries are ongoing, according to Police.

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This vehicle and other cars and motorcycles use Caesars Road as a speed test track and despite my request for the police to act, nothing has been done. It will take an injury or worse before anything is done to alleviate this anti social behaviour. I asked the council for traffic calming measures to be installed but I was told that it wasn’t an option.
I plan to video the perpetrators and forward the footage to the police but if this doesn’t prove fruitful I’ll forward to the transport secretary.

Ed Down

Fight the power Neil!

Ed Down

I see they are breaking out the high performance vehicles now. No doubt somebody will still come along moaning about how stainless exhausts, body kit and alloy wheels are to blame.


They are – why do we have to listen to back firing high performance exhausts. Bit of a coincidence that most of these boy racer idiots have these modifications so the sooner they are off the road the better.

Ed Down


Last edited 15 days ago by Ed Down
Ed Down

I think you need to google what a Zafira is to understand my point


We have to listen to this too – Shanklin High Street from the Old Village is a straight run for these racers, and heavy motorbikes are included in that, from 9pm til almost midnight. Will they still do it when the pubs down the High Street are open again and locals/ holidaymakers are out in force??

Ed Down

Omg what is wrong with people. Ok let me explain to you what a Zafira is. It’s the ultimate in boring, family friendly, practical, super sensible, runabouts that no boy racer would go anywhere near. It is very unsexy and has about as much power as a hairdryer (yes I know there’s a gsi but it’s unlikely to be one) so my point is this car is very unlikely to have any modifications whatsoever proving it’s the person driving it that is the problem not the car or any modifications but I knew that you narrow minded people would jump… Read more »


any car can exceed the speed limit and be driven recklessly with no care to others, i have owned 2 zafiras in the past when need for a 7 seater, and they can get a lick on when needed, at the moment it hasn’t been said if the car was stolen but i bet that will come, some idiot who was bored because of lockdown so choose to have some fun at others expense

Ed Down

Couldnt agree more, that’s why it annoys me when people slate modified car drivers on here. As you quite rightly say its the person behind the wheel doing the driving. Alloys and an exhaust do not make you drive like a loon.

Last edited 13 days ago by Ed Down

There should be noise limit across residential areas too…


All good fun untill someone gets run over! Needs to get that Zafira on a track day, kill yaself not Some1 else.

Ed Down

Totally agree, track days are great things


Wonder if it was the same wolly from the sliver 4×4 sounds like the same driving style


They use the island as a racing track after 11 and a 4×4 thinks he’s on a racing track withthe F. 1.TEAM. mad world.


Watch out for a Black Toyota RAV 4×4 doing there erratic driving circuit too.

Bob D

If police made easy to report then more taken off road,you call 101 wait for 10mins to be told report on line having then to give all your personal details Inc date of birth. By time reported long gone ,even at 30mph in 10 mins could of gone Cowes to Newport. For the few that make false claims the most will be caught in the act,it’s not the car’s fault it’s the often drugged up or illegal driver. Selfish idiots. Let’s have a 101 option for this straight to control room. Report them,catch them,stop them,keep our Island safe.

Old Mike

Makes you want to go out and buy your own personal Stinger doesn’t it. But you mustn’t, that would be against the law!


I hope these vehicles with modded ( tampered with ) exhaust and body mouldings, wider tyres etc etc have had all these modifications reported to their insurance companies… and should show on insurance documents.. IF NOT then they might not be insured ! Too many buy little motorbikes or scooters and first thing they do is mess with exhaust so they sound like crap and backfire… just think about the poison they are putting into the air.. and no doubt not on their insurance policy.. NOT INSURED.. Blue lights on whilst driving on public road….. NOT INSURED. coloured lights other… Read more »

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