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A woman has been rescued after being blown out to sea in strong offshore winds this afternoon (Saturday).

Bembridge RNLI lifeboat was tasked to assist 2 kayakers in the vicinity of St Helens Fort at around 13:30.

By the time the volunteers had arrived on scene, using the D-Class inshore lifeboat, it had been established that there were in fact 3 individuals involved but 2 had made it ashore safely on a paddleboard.

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The third woman was swiftly located past St Helens Fort with both an inflatable kayak and a plastic kayak.

Lifeboat crewmen took the casualty and kayaks aboard and transferred them to Bembridge Point, where Coastguard Rescue Officers from Bembridge and Ventnor were waiting to assist.

Search and rescue assets have now stood down from the incident and the 3 local women are making their own way home.

If you or someone else is in difficulty on the coast or at sea, or if you spot what you think may be unexploded ordnance, then dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard. Further safety information can be found at https://coastguardsafety.campaign.gov.uk/.

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Some people really are stupid and irresponsible


Lucky to be saved, fancy going out in these winds.


You cant teach stupid.


She weren’t happy with just running her mobility scooter into the river


more idiots from the mainland thinking they know it all, they walk round seaview and bembridge like they’ve just brought the whole village, oblivious to everyone else, different breed, very ignorant


Nice Islander comment

Concerned of Wootton

I wonder why common sense, or even asking a local person if it would be wise to go to sea with offshore winds, seems to be lost to people these days. I know that the RNLI are there, but what if they weren’t!


Could the women not see how windy it is today glad they are safe and well….could of been a lot worse

Opinions Matter

Why would you go into the sea knowing how strong the wind is today? Beggars belief really. Very stupid and very selfish. Their foolish actions put others lives at risk, the RNLI volunteers who have to rescue these ‘numb nuts’.


Actually thicko Jim they were from the Island, which is obvious as a high majority of the Island
are not the brightest bunch.

Old bean

So many idiots out there hope they fill ashamed of themselves idiots

Old bean

Well said RON


Well I’m glad they are safe and well, I’m sure it was never their intention to get into trouble and luckily we are fortunate to have the RNLI. I’m sure if it was your family members who had got into difficulty you wouldn’t be so quick to write nasty unhelpful comments. Be kind people and if you can’t be kind don’t say anything at all.


I’m sure we’re all glad they are safe and well, but if as it says they were local and brought up by the sea , common sense would have told you it was too windy.Maybe they’ll have another go today.


We’re they attempting to get to St. Helens fort to look around as others did recently and posted online? Same thoughtless people that give a bad name to these so called explorers. One day one of them will run out of luck. Unfortunately it’s the rescue services that have to risk their lives.

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