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portsmouth400The Island’s UKIP party have this week expressed their objection to reported claims that Portsmouth could see the introduction of a congestion charge, similar to that in London.

Recent newspaper and television reports suggest that Portsmouth City Council Councillors are giving serious consideration to a congestion charge in the City, however UKIP Isle of Wight are resolute in their objection; any such scheme would damage the Isle of Wight’s econom, they say.

UKIP Isle of Wight have said:

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“This charge would add hundreds of pounds annually to commuters who need to take their car across to the mainland, and many millions of pounds to the transportation costs of both our island imports and exports, including food.

“The charge would also act as an economic deterrent to the tourists that we rely upon.”

UKIP IW are now urging the Isle of Wight Council to send the strongest possible message to Portsmouth City Council to halt any such scheme, regardless of how early a stages the consultations are at.

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