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A man suspected to be driving whilst over the drug drive limit was stopped by Police in Shanklin overnight, with officers discovering more than they had bargained for.

The 49-year-old was pulled over in Palmerston Road shortly after midnight and failed a roadside drugs test, which checks for the presence of cannabis and cocaine. He was arrested on suspicion of the driving offence and the vehicle – a grey Vauxhall Corsa – was searched.

During the search, Police discovered suspected Class A drugs, cash and a set of weighing scales.

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The Shanklin man was further arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of Class A drugs.

He remains in custody at this time.

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Bang him up and throw away the key , what will the smackheads of the island do now

Jeff Wode

Probably still smack?


They will find it from someone else on the island

Flibberty gibbert

Just read the article, didn’t see any mention of smack?

Another on bites the dust

Great great news
Drug dealers need to get the message. You do not have a place in our civilised neighbourhoods
Your place is in a prison cell and for a significant time
Drug driving is also not acceptable.
Crush the car and investigate his proceeds of crime.
Well done police.
You all suspect dealers near you. Report them and keep up the momentum . Don’t tolerate their activities. No one benefits. The addicts and their loved ones suffer and the dealers family also suffer. They don’t seem to get it !! Greed rules and it is an evil trade.

Big jerry

Stop getting rude


Let’s keep reporting these low lives, even IF the Police do nothing for a while, eventually they will have to if enough report such.
Too many of these vile beings are earning a fortune selling their drugs to ruin the lives not only of the idiots who take it, but the crime, and anti social behaviour of those involved.
Teach likely getting a little worried now as the net closes in on drug dealers and growers. Hard to keep growing in a garage or outbuilding quiet on the Island. Too small a place.

Marnie 22

Hmm. Well getting warm. Hang around there a bit and widen the radius by a 100yrds and you might get a little busier…….


Hopefully the scales they had will now be the scales of justice.

Opinions Matter

Another pusher caught and hopefully will be off the streets and serving some time at her Majesty’s pleasure, ha. Some of the druggies this man sells to will be clucking by now! Give it up, it’s not worth it, drugs are for losers and wasters. Great stop and well done IOW police officers

Jeff Wode

No they won’t (sadly). County Lines means there’ll already be a load more drugs here. Tbh we’re probably better off with the scummy local dealers than the London lot (knives, guns, the works). All over Pompey and Southampton now. Thankfully not here. Yet.


London lot,thats the stupidest thing iv herd all week,there are knifes,guns,and the lot everywhere there not all made and stored in London lol


Basically you saying anyone from London are scum! There is scum everywhere London isnt a factory for illegal producs. That’s basically what your implying you will find it comes over seas mainly from other countries to coastal cities/towns so if anything its more likely to go to Southampton pompy or even the island first!


Me as a Londoner will not go to the Island, and I once lived there, Why – Overrated outdated and overpriced.

Greedy people killed it.

Jeff Wode

There’s no need to be so aggressive. Everything doesn’t need to be an argument!

You’re obviously not familiar with County Lines.

I’ve friends in the police actively tackling this daily.


Really, you don’t think they’re in the island?

Jeff Wode

I’m told stuff does come over from the mainland, but not directly yet.

Comes down to Pompey on the trains several times a day. There’s a reason you get so many junkies camped outside stations.

Jeff Wode

It’s been quiet in Ryde since all the (legal) drug dens have been shut.

Junkies looking for a fix (or “pint” as they call it) will be happy pubs are opening again soon I guess.


Well done to the police. Keep it up.

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