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Firefighters from Freshwater have extinguished a bonfire in amongst woodland at Fort Victoria near Yarmouth this evening (Sunday).

Despite the dry conditions, a number of individuals decided to deliberately set a bonfire in the woods.

1 appliance and a water carrier from Freshwater were mobilised to the scene when Fire Control were alerted to the situation.

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Fire safety and environmental safety advice has been given to those involved.

Friends of Freshwater Fire Station have said:

”The advice is very simple…. don’t start fires in the open!”

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Pleasant to just think that these people are just thick, but sometimes I wonder if they are just vile and would be happy to sit back laughing and no doubt filming the carnage they would no doubt create if it wasn’t for our Fire brigade and decent members of the public who alert them to these morons actions.

Old bean

Thick little shits if it wasn’t for lads in fire station could of ended up a lot worse well done Fireman


It is their job….

Ed Down

“don’t start fires in the open!”

Am I missing something here? Isn’t it better to have your bonfire in the open than in your living room? Where should I have a bonfire then? Or should they of said don’t have bonfires at all?

Ed Down

Mark me down all you like nobody knows the answer to the question do they?


Yes. Ask your Local Council. And those Councils Nationwide. And the Fire Service. Search and you will find.


Its not a bonfire is it really, a bonfire is to get rid off your hedge cuttings or a old rabbit hutch.. This is youths who light fires in areas that can cause severe damage and even endanger lifes when it gets going. It is Arson and should be treated as such with arson penaltys..

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