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Armed Police, thought to be from the mainland-based Tactical Firearms Unit, were joined by local officers in carrying out a dawn raid on a house in Newport this morning (Wednesday).

Heavily-armed officers, dressed in full tactical gear, were seen in Newport as a warrant was executed on an address in Catherine Terrace, off Hunnyhill.

It has been confirmed that a raid took place early this morning as part of an ongoing investigation into the supply of drugs.

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5 people are currently in custody on suspicion of possession with intent to supply class A drugs.

The arrested individuals include 4 men from Newport aged 32, 31, 26 and 20. A 24-year-old woman from Chale has also been arrested.

Local residents have told Island Echo that armed police knocked on their door in Albany Road at around 06:00 this morning to ‘guard’ their garden, which backs onto Catherine Terrace.

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Let’s hope that the penalty fits the crime although I doubt that it will.

Drug dealing is not acceptable

Great news. Well done police
I think that their neighbours will be relived now that they are in custody
Drug dealers wreck lives and communities and need long custodial sentences or that will simply start dealing again
Their victims are the ones I feel sorry for
Drug dealing is not acceptable in a civilised society.
Hoping the courts don’t let society down with lenient sentences

Ramessese II

Don’t hold your breath


Another 5 less wasters to bother decent society

Wight Knight

Yet again – well done to the brave boys in blue. NOW it’s time for courts and lawmakers to do away with this scum by proper, effective sentencing. Will they do it, though?

Old Mike

They’ll probably claim that they are not really responsible as they were traumatised by the sight of their grandmother’s dressing gown when they were 4 years old

Dave Miller


Opinions Matter

Good job in getting these scummy drug dealers. Drugs ruin lives and creates crime. Drug dealers have nowhere to hide and deal on the island now. P*SS off or get a job and earn your money without breaking the law. Hope the judge locks them all up, should do as they were dealing Class A

Tut tut.

The sad fact is no matter how many dealers they catch there are always more. It’s gone on for decades and will continue to do so.

Concerned of Wootton

Hopefully, the sentences passed will be as shown here
We will wait and see !

Last edited 1 month ago by Concerned of Wootton
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