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fbustrikenightnewport400Firefighters in England, including here on the Isle of Wight, are set to walk out in a further 24 hour strike due to take place from 09:00 next Tuesday (9th December).

The news, announced yesterday, follows the government’s decision to commence the Parliamentary procedure to implement regulations for an unfair, unaffordable and unworkable pension scheme. After almost three years of discussions firefighters still face a stark choice of either being sacked or a severely reduced pension if they fail fitness tests as a result of naturally declining fitness through age.

Matt Wrack, FBU general secretary, said:

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“Firefighters in England are reluctantly calling further strike action as a direct result of the Westminster government’s failure to listen and negotiate over pensions.

“Firefighters are asking the Westminster government to immediately open genuine negotiations to resolve this dispute. They should also hold a House of Commons debate to fully scrutinise the legislation and there should be a parliamentary vote on the regulations.

“We need to be clear. We are not going to give up or go away. Firefighters will fight for however long it takes to secure a fair pensions deal – this dispute will not end as long as the regulations remain unchanged.”

Only Fire Brigade Union members will strike, with fire cover provided on the Island by non-FBU members.

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