UPDATED: Emergency services are responding to a plane crash in Sandown this afternoon (Sunday).

A light aircraft has come down at Shanklin and Sandown Golf Club, close to Sandown Airport.

The Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service has mobilised resources from Ryde, Sandown, Shanklin and Newport.

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Police and ambulance crews are already on scene. They were alerted to the crash at around 12:50.

UPDATE @ 13:32 – Witnesses, who were playing golf at the time, have described seeing the plane crash land on the golf course after appearing to suffer from engine failure.

The green and cream aircraft, although damaged, appears to be mostly intact.

Amazingly, the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service have confirmed that 1 person is being treated for minor injuries only. They are not expected to be conveyed to hospital.

In the last few minutes the National Police Air Service Helicopter has departed from the golf course. It’s understood they were on scene ‘within minutes’ of the crash happening as they were conducting training in the vicinity.

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UPDATE @ 13:26 – Justin Harden, Group Manager for the fire and rescue service has confirmed that the lone pilot self extricated from the aircraft after putting it down at the 8th tee.

GM Harden has said:

”It’s a fortunate escape.

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”The pilot did incredibly well to put the plane down where he did.

”Its a very positive outcome to what could have been a difficult incident”.

Emergency teams have now stood down.

The scene has been cordoned off awaiting the arrival of the Air Accident Investigation Branch from the mainland.

UPDATE @ 20:26Island Echo has discovered that the same aircraft, a Jodel D120A (G-AVYV), crashed under the control of a different pilot back in 1984.

The 1964-built aircraft sustained substantial damage as a result of a failed landing and came to rest in a field of corn. Much like today’s incident, the pilot escaped injury and the aircraft didn’t catch fire.

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