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Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely has issued a statement about his support for Theresa May’s Brexit deal, which got shot down in Pthe House of Commons last night (Tuesday).

In his statement issued this afternoon, Mr Seely has said:

“I am extremely disappointed, but not surprised, the Government’s EU withdrawal deal was defeated last night.

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“I supported it because it was a chance to honour the 2016 referendum result to leave the European Union. A result that was voted for by 61.9% of those who entered the ballot box on the Isle of Wight and by the majority of those who voted in the United Kingdom.

“I remain convinced it’s also absolutely vital we carry out the wishes of the people who voted to leave and Parliament vowed it would honour that result.

“It cannot be right MPs have failed to carry out this mandate from the British people and are trying to overrule it. Continually suggesting to the electorate they are wrong and that parliament knows best is undermining our democracy from within.

“The deal was not the best, it had its problems and it was a compromise, but it was the only conceivable way to implement Brexit.

“What happens now cannot be foreseen, but I share the frustration of leavers and many remainers who want their representatives to get on with leaving the EU, not least so MPs can start concentrating on the day-to-day issues their constituents face”.

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Bob made an intervention during today’s no confidence motion debate. You can watch below…

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