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Several Road Closures were put in place so Island Roads could clear trees and debris blocking the carriageways - photo by Shane ThorntonA total of 12 new lay assessors have been appointed to give independent feedback on work carried out by Island Roads.

The new recruits will join eleven existing assessors drawn from across the community to look at various aspects of site work including pedestrian/highway user safety, the access around the work site for residents, the information supplied to residents as well as the finished result.

Having completed both on and off site induction training, the lay assessors act as ‘mystery shoppers’ visiting highway works across the Island to assess them from the perspective of a member of the public.
The lay assessors report detailed findings to Island Roads and these are reviewed alongside the specialist inspection and monitoring undertaken by Island Roads’ own staff. Under the Highways PFI contract, work undertaken is also subject to inspection by an independent certifier.

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Paul Herbert, Island Roads Service Director, said:

“We are currently in a very intense period of the PFI with much work being done across the Island to improve some of the busiest stretches of road.

“This work will clearly affect a great number of road users so we are pleased that the lay assessors will be giving us feedback from the perspective of those road users. We are delighted that our current group of lay assessors once again includes a real cross-section of the Island community which will represent a wide range of views and interests.”

Dave Edser, one of the 12 new lay assessors, said:

“As an Island resident and a retired highway engineer, I am more than aware that the network is desperately in need of improvement.

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“I am keen to assist Island Roads by giving feedback on how they are performing and help ensure works are carried out safely, with minimal disruption and good communication with those affected.”

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