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A man, equipped with nothing more than a battery-powered tea light, ‘thought it was the end’ when he got wedged inside a 15-inch stormwater pipe in Shanklin and had to be rescued by emergency crews.

The unnamed individual spent more than 5 hours in the rusty, smelly pipe which takes stormwater straight out to sea. He inched his way up the 220m+ outfall from an outlet on Shanklin Esplanade.

Exhausted and fearing he would never make it out alive, the man caught a glimpse of daylight through a drain cover when his tea light failed on him. The hope of getting out of the pipe spurred him another 10 metres and he was able to summon help.

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Firefighters and Police rushed to the scene at Hope Road after the alarm was raised. They were able to successfully pull the male out of the pipe.

Cllr Karen Lucioni has taken to Facebook today to tell her followers of the unbelievable, but true, incident which Island Echo understands took place on the evening of 8th July.

When questioned why he carried out the incredibly dangerous act, the casualty said it was on his bucket list.

Island Roads have since placed barriers over the entrance to the outfall. No one should ever attempt to enter the pipe or any other pipe.

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Twit !!!

Francesca Gibara

He deserves a nomination for the Darwin Awards.


He’s far too alive to receive a Darwin Award.




SDown a drain FFS

Old bean

Nothing stranger than folk

Darren Street

This man should be made to pay for all the emergency services he used.



Paul Hurst

I know this man personally and he’s a warrior a brave sol a man with great courage. He would help anyone do what he can for anyone. This man should be help up in the hall of fame for what he’s done for his community over the past 20 years and counting. I truly believe this man should was put here to help us all.


by climbing up a rusty pipe?????? errr ok then.

Steph McQueen

Really? Brave doesn’t equate to well informed or intelligent. Did he let anyone know what he was doing? Or would his family have agonised over his disappearance for years, using public resources to try to find him.


Yes what a great example. Puts himself into danger and relies on emergency services to rescue him when they may have been needed to respond to a proper emergency.


He’s a complete pr*ck

Porky Paul

Wow – a grown up on the Isle of Wight who can actually fit into a 15inch diameter pipe????
There’s the story.
I tip my cap to your food choices sir.


Sometimes I wonder how easy life could be if all I could think of and plan for was to carry out a most stupid retarded thing such as this. All the time knowing there will always be someone there to save me. Send him a £2000 bill.


What a Pratt


I agree, tho as it was on his bucket list as he calls it, if he did that in america they would put him away somewhere he could not get out. But that is only my own personal opinion of course on this matter.


More expense to our stretched services should have left him!


More expense to our stretched services should have left him.

Pro fixed link

Can’t leave him but should be made to pay for the emergency service!!!


There is only one person daft enough in Shanklin to attempt that and that’s my tenant and I just found out it was indeed him lol

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