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hovertravelsouthseaHovertravel is permanently extending its 15 minute evening service by adding in a crossing at 16:00 from Ryde and then 16:15 from Southsea.

The new crossings will start on Monday (22nd June) and is bookable online and in terminals from now.

Neil Chapman, Hovertravel’s managing director, explains:

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“We are always monitoring the customer perspective of our service and we had observed that we could improve the experience for customers who regularly travel on the 16:30 from Southsea.

“In consultation with our Hovertravel Users Group (HUG) and customers, including parents of the school children who use our service at these times, we have decided to add in this extra crossing to strengthen our commuter period.

“It is an excellent demonstration of Hovertravel ‘s success that our 16:30 from Southsea is regularly close to full capacity and, to ensure that we can continue to deliver our best customer experience, we knew we needed to respond to this increasing demand.

“As we celebrate half a century of continuous operation, it is this type of adaptability of timetable to respond to market conditions which keeps Hovertravel as dynamic and customer focussed today as it was when it started in 1965.”

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