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councilchamberiwcouncilA consultation has been launched by the Isle of Wight Council on proposals to encourage residents to make greater use of internet and telephone enquiries.

The results of the ‘customer interface’ consultation will be used to help maximise the efficiency of the council’s customer enquiries service.

An online version of the consultation can be found on the council’s website at: Residents can use a self-service computer at a council help centre if they have no online access at home, or paper copies can be provided on request.

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Council leader, Councillor Jonathan Bacon, said:

“The focus of this consultation is to generate feedback on how the council supports and provides its customer enquiries service to residents.

“We would like to encourage residents to make greater use of the internet and telephone channels of enquiry, and where appropriate for example, to reduce the need for payment transactions and access to certain services being carried out in person.

“The future of the council’s ‘customer interface’ is intended to be focused on continuing to support those enquiries that have a genuine need for face-to-face assistance – but directing those that can be managed or transacted electronically or by telephone to these alternative means.

“We would strongly encourage as many residents as possible to respond to this consultation.”

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The consultation continues until Friday 26th June.

Recommendations are scheduled to be placed before the council’s Executive in August this year – and will also take account of issues such as the current levels of enquiries electronically and by telephone, and current response times to enquiries.

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