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southern.water.logo (1)UPDATED: A 10-inch water main that burst in Newport overnight is set to cause traffic delays and has left hundreds of properties without water this morning (Wednesday).

Residents in the Pan, Staplers, Hunnyhill and Town Center areas have all been affected by the burst, which has occurred in Lower St James’ Street at the junction with the High Street. Island Echo understand the pipe burst at around 23:45 last night, but wasn’t reported to Southern Water until 03:30 when Police notified the company.

Water supplies have returned to some properties in Newport this morning, however disruption is likely to the supply throughout the day while repairs get underway. The water is due to be shut off again at around 10:00.

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Island Roads have confirmed that an emergency road closure has been put in place at Lower St James’ Street from Lugley Street to the High Street. This is likely to cause delays to motorists in and around Newport Town this morning.

A Southern Water spokesman has this morning told Island Echo:

“We shut supplies off to fix the burst at just after 05:00 but it then became clear that the repair could not be made immediately. Water was turned back on at just after 06:00 to make sure that people in the area are still able to have their morning showers and cups of tea.

“While this means the leak is still ongoing, the water is flowing into a drain.

“Supplies will have to be shut off mid-morning in order for us to fix the burst pipe and we are looking at the optimum way of doing this while maintaining water to as many homes as possible.

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“We are sorry for any inconvenience this emergency repair may cause but we can reassure customers that we will get things back to normal as soon as we can.”

UPDATE @ 09:12 – Island Roads have confirmed to Island Echo this morning that Lower St James’ Street is closed between Lugley Street and the High Street.

Properties in the Pan area remain without water this morning, with residents in East Cowes reporting brown water.

UPDATE @ 09:20 – A spokesperson for Southern Water has confirmed around 1,200 properties are subject to intteruption to their water supply this morning as the company shut off water in the Newport area.

The spokesperson has told Island Echo:

“Having done our best to maintain supplies during the morning rush, we are now shutting off the water in the area.

“This will allow us to get started on the repair, with the aim of ensuring that supplies are returned this afternoon.

“We estimate that about 1,200 properties will be affected by this temporary interruption to supply but we are doing everything we can to make sure this emergency repair affects as few people as possible for the shortest time possible.”

UPDATE @ 10:10 – Further information has been released by Island Roads regarding the closure of St James’ Street (Lower).

Motorists will be unable to travel in a southbound direction (towards the town) between Lugley Street and the High Street until at least 17:00 today. While the northbound (towards Hunnyhill) direction remains open, it may be necessary to close this later in the day.

UPDATE @ 15:10 – Southern Water have confirmed that water supplies were reinstated to the majority of properties at around 13:30 this afternoon.

A spokesperson said:

“We wish to apologise to our customers for the problems experienced following the interruption of water supply earlier this morning.”

St James’ Street is set to reopen by 16:30, according to Island Roads.

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