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aston4yogunville3A 4-year-old boy from Gunville is giving his neighbours a big thumbs up tonight after they heroically flipped a car onto its side to free him from underneath it following a horrific collision on Tuesday.

As first reported by Island Echo, youngster Aston Williams was struck by a car on Alvington Manor View at around 17:00 on Tuesday and shockingly became trapped underneath the front axle.

First on scene was Sarah Hope, a care worker training to be a nurse, who helped keep Aston calm and reassured him throughout.

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After a sudden change in his colour and responsiveness, neighbours rushed to jack the vehicle up to relieve some pressure crushing down on the young child. With it clear that Aston needed to be freed when he started to lose consciousness, 6 men came together to lift the 1.1ton Ford StreetKA onto its side.

Sarah, also a neighbour, made sure Aston remain completely still ahead of the arrival of paramedics.

childundercaralvingtonmanorviewgunvilleNow, thanks to the actions of those 6 neighbours, Aston is on the road to recovery in Southampton General Hospital having broken his leg in three places and being bruised from head to toe.

Speaking to Island Echo, Aston’s mum Lindsey Burt has said:

“I cannot put into words how thankful I am.

“It was so hard knowing there was nothing I could do to get him out – without my neighbours this would have been a different story.

“Aston is doing really well, he has been brave and coped with everything so well”.

Keith Drummond, one of the 6 men to lift the car off Aston, has said residents have now got in touch with their local councillor, Cllr John Hobart, to look at speed calming measures that could be implemented on the road.

Keith said:

“It was a horrible sight but the massive positive is the little lad is ok and in the right place for his recovery”.

Lindsey and family would like to thank the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service, the Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service, Hampshire Constabulary and staff at St Mary’s A&E department, especially Billy.

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