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Wightlink has launched its new website, designed to make it easier for customers to book cross-Solent travel and encourage holidaymakers to choose the Isle of Wight.

The new site at www.wightlink.co.uk is faster to use and more straightforward to navigate. It has been designed with ‘mobile first’ in mind, as users now access the website in more ways than ever.

Right from the start of development, the ferry company asked a wide range of people to give their opinions on the previous website and suggest improvements. They included commuters, regular travellers and mainlanders who had never taken a ferry before. The design team also sought advice from Wightlink staff who work closely with customers. Many of these people went on to ‘road-test’ the first draft site.

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Stuart James, Wightlink’s Marketing and Innovation Director, says:

“Our new website has been designed by our customers, in collaboration with our web developers, and it has been invaluable to gain their insight into how they search for information. For example, one piece of feedback from customers is that it could take a while to locate our timetables. Now there is a link to them on the top of every webpage.”

Wightlink has used the latest technology to enhance the booking process. Once logged into their account, customers now have all their bookings and passes at their fingertips.

Islanders have a further level of personalisation as the system recognises Isle of Wight postcodes and adapts the direction of travel and prices accordingly.

Steven Piper, Founder of the web design agency Si digital, adds:

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“Using valuable customer insights, we were able to build a user-focused website that is both attractive and responsive, enabling Wightlink’s customers to make bookings quickly and efficiently.”

First impressions are important. Wightlink’s home page now shows the most relevant information for all customers.

  • Timetables
  • Ferry booking panel
  • Account login
  • Latest service status

A streamlined process quickly takes customers through the various stages of making a booking. Improvements include:

  • The opportunity for customers to buy their first vehicle Multilink Pass online
  • Swift online purchase and top-up of Multilink Passes and Season Tickets
  • Priority boarding places can now be booked online
  • A vehicle registration look-up helps customers to select the size of their car
  • Customers with Business accounts now have a dedicated Hub with essential information

Supporting the Island’s economy

Wightlink is also committed to encourage holidaymakers to choose the Isle of Wight. In addition to comprehensive information about ferries, the new website includes ‘Wightlink Explorer’, an interactive map-based tool that highlights places of interest, accommodation providers, attractions and beaches.

An inspiring blog shares popular and quirky features about Island life to spark further interest in the Isle of Wight. Topics range from where to spot sea eagles to the best cycling routes and where to enjoy award-winning local produce.

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Karn Evil 9

Maybe wait until the pandemic is over, we really don’t want anymore 2nd homeowners or holidaymakers over here at the moment. Stupid decision.

Lady Longdown

Well put, Karen. I can’t stand the ‘entitlement’ of idiots and the superiority of those who only live here when fewer cafes in London are open than during the Blitz.

Lady Longdown

No Isle of Wight ferry company would let its website be designed by its customers. Only idiots would believe this, surely? Wight link put a leaflet through my door yesterday telling me that they save lives. All very Covid-trendy, I am sure…. Absolute bollo! Only lives Wightlink save are when sacked engineers report them to Lloyd’s of London for breaching British Maritime Law, by not declaring fires aboard whilst passengers (not customers) are. Then they get shut down for a bit. Only to rise out of the flames more greedy than they were before…! Unlike Red Funnel, though, they have… Read more »

Opinions Matter

Perhaps Wightlink owners should consider lowering the fare for islanders. Their charges are an absolute disgrace. Keeps undesirables away I suppose. No I don’t support a fixed link.

Martin Shoebridge

Good start…. I tried logging in and it doesn’t confirm that I’m logged it! Designed by idiots ?

John Smith

They should allow islanders to update their ferry price list for them!


Been using this daily as a season ticket holder. Honest opinion is that it’s rubbish, too slow. It’s like going back 10 years. Yes it’s simple but far too slow when wanting to book multiple tickets.

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