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Who is taking you homeThe Isle of Wight Road Safety Forum is supporting a scheme encouraging revellers to ensure they have a safe way of travelling home from a night out.

The forum has reproduced a photo originally set up by Ayrshire Police to prevent drink driving over the festive period, titled “Who’s taking you home tonight”.

The image features a taxi, a police car, an ambulance and a hearse demonstrating that anyone who does decides to drink and drive could be arrested, be seriously injured or even be killed.

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Councillor Phil Jordan, Executive member for public protection, said:

“Alcohol affects everybody’s driving for the worse. It creates a feeling of overconfidence, makes judging distance and speed more difficult and slows your reactions.

“The image from Ayrshire Police has been very positively received and we are keen to continue promoting the message with support from local organisations including the NHS, police and businesses.”

Ian Yeo from Isle of Wight Ambulance Service, said:

“All too often at this festive time ambulance crews are faced with the chaos caused by driving under the influence of drink or drugs. Either the driver is injured or they injure others, sometimes seriously, which is unacceptable.

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“We have very good bus services on the Island, there are taxis and having a designated driver is always a good alternative. Please have a great festive season but don’t drive under the influence – we don’t want you to end up as a casualty or even killed.”

Sergeant Dave Sanderson of the Isle of Wight’s Roads Policing Unit added:

“We take a risk every time we get into our car and the less responsible you are when driving, the greater that risk becomes. We know that alcohol affects people’s response times and can lead to serious or even fatal injury both to the driver and others. This image literally drives that message home.

“Remember you don’t have to feel drunk to be a drink-driver. You may still be drunk the morning after a night of drinking. It takes an hour to process just one unit of alcohol so if you have had a heavy night it could be 4pm the following day before you are safe to drive. Choose a designated driver or grab a taxi. Be sure, be safe and if in doubt, don’t drink and drive.”

Island Echo has today introduced a pop-up to all readers visiting the website showing the Think! Drink Drive campaign 50th anniversary video.

More information on road safety can be found at

Photographed: Taxi firm Alpha, PC Martin Norman of IOW Roads Policing Unit, Ian Yeo of the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service and funeral directors William Hall. Photo by Isle of Wight Council.

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