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A reward has been offered by the owners of a Lanner Falcon who went missing on Saturday after a malicious person cut the bird’s tracking device, the only way of locating the bird.

White Falconry were conducting a display at Robin Hill Country Park on Saturday afternoon when Half Pint, a 14 year old falcon decided to fly off. Being a Lanner (Africain) Falcon, he enjoyed the lovely warm weather and went up to sore. This in itself would not be a problem as owner Steven fits tracking devices to all of his birds, however in a cruel twist, the tracking device was found cut off and stuffed in a hedge in Havenstreet.

Company owner Steven told Island Echo: “There is no way the bird could have cut or broken the cable tie and stuffed it in the mud under a bush himself, some one must have thought they would have a laugh and cut it off him. Unfortunately, he is not a strong flyer nor a good hunter so he could now starve to death due to us having no way of locating him”.

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Half Pint was acquired by White Falconry around 6 months ago to look after and rehabilitate him as he was starving hungry and his lower body covered in his own faeces before they rescued him. Not only this, but he also had a big internal infection. With the help of the company’s vet, Half Pint pulled through after just 3 months.

Steven continued: “He is very friendly and will approach almost anyone. He likes sitting on house roofs and next to people. We have only had him for a sort time but all of the falconers think he is a great bird and would love to see him again”.

Hampshire Police and the Island’s RSPCA unit have been informed of the incident.

Have you seen missing Half Pint? A reward is being offered for information resulting in the safe recovery of this fabulous bird.

Anyone with information should contact Steven of White Falconry on 07989 986 096


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