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Bob Seely MP met with Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) to discuss the role of electric vehicles (EVs) in accelerating a green recovery and investment to boost resilience on the Island.

SSEN is calling on the UK Government to commit to full decarbonisation of cars and vans in corporate fleets by 2030, a target SSEN has already adopted.

SSEN has invested over £3m in boosting the Isle of Wight’s electricity network resilience in the last 3 years, with a view to ‘future-proofing’ the network for changing customer demands. UK electricity demand is projected to double by 2050 and SSEN is committed to ensuring its infrastructure is ready for new, clean technologies, such as EVs on the Isle of Wight, and to deliver Bob Seely MP’s Vision for the Island.

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Mr Seely’s vision sets out that the Island should develop a smart grid that can empower households and businesses. SSEN is currently undertaking a number of trials to better understand the transition to a smarter energy system and the visit provided an opportunity for the network operator to update Mr Seely on progress.

This summer SSEN published Accelerating a Green Recovery, calling for the Government to build the world’s most extensive EV charging network by 2025. To deliver this SSEN argued that the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles should be brought forward to 2030, and has called for the UK Government to set a target for the full decarbonisation of cars and vans in corporate fleet by 2030.

SSEN is leading by example and has committed, as part of SSE Group, to decarbonising 3,500 vehicles by 2030. Mr Seely had the opportunity on the visit to see one of the electric vans that is already in action.

Bob Seely MP said:

“The Isle of Wight is perfectly positioned to be a leader in the transition to net zero. This will require industry, government and households working together to secure a cost-effective transition, that takes advantage of the capabilities of low-carbon and smart technologies.

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“I welcome the leadership SSEN is showing in preparing the network and decarbonising its fleet, and hope other companies follow suit.”

Ian Drummond, SSEN’s Head of Region said

“It was fantastic to host Bob Seely MP, and discuss our investment to support changing electricity demand on the Isle of Wight. We are committed to transitioning to a smarter, flexible energy system that can accommodate the Isle of Wight’s net zero ambitions. Meeting with Bob was a great opportunity to discuss our progress and ways this could be accelerated in the coming years, to realise his Island Vision.”

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Yet again, bob says he sees the Isle of Wight as the leader, and yet again, its just words and no action on his part.


What a load of rubbish, bit like the Test & Trace FIASCO, it did not know that the Isle of Wight is an Island!

Eve Shipman

Not much point promoting electric vehicles if SSEN can’t even provide a reliable electicity supply on the island. We’ll all be back to horse and cart before long.


Did he also talk to them about all the load shedding they are doing

Eve Shipman

Not trying to steal Gungadin’s thunder, surely?
I can just see a future Island Echo headline…
All work cancelled until further notice.

Joe Bloggs

When will these idiots realise that to a large number of vehicle owners electric cars are not viable if they don’t have off road parking at their home. You will not be allowed to trail a charging cable across the pavement. Instead of electric cars, the government should be investing in hydrogen powered vehicles.

stephen bushell

I agree with you 100% most MPs are just wind bags even if we could afford an electric or a hybrid car i do not think the national grid could not cope the extra load , and as you rightly point out a lot of us would not be able to reach our cars safely with a cable. Its just Bob Seely seeing an chance to getting his picture taken without doing anything of substance

Gordon Read

My Renault ZOE (100% electric) is cheaper to run than my previous Mazda 2 (1.5litre petrol) when adding up monthly PCP cost, insurance, road tax, servicing, and petrol/electricity cost. It’s also much quieter, smoother and a better drive. It also doesn’t emit various entertaining gases when being driven either. There are also numerous public chargers on the island as will with more opening all the time. I only need to charge it once a week anyway. The entire point of this article is that SSEN *are* saying they will meet load – which is the opposite of saying the national… Read more »


Do you fill up your petrol or diesel car at home? Many places to charge up your car. Don’t have to do it just at home. But what would be better than more cars of any type is cheap / free public transport. Remove the need for a car all together.


Depends how long it takes to charge and how long a charge lasts. Would you want to wait a few hours while your car charges at a station? Also I agree cheap public transport is a good idea but can’t see me doing my weekly family shop and carrying it home on a bus!


No good to half the island who can’t park anywhere near their homes because everyone parks there who won’t pay parking charges at their extortionate rate. Give us all residents parking at a vastly reduced rate and we’ll get one!

Old bean

All sse employees have to wear Ppe at all times so were is PPE managers should set a good example


No they don’t

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