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voteforbobturnerOn Monday this week Bob, a large, bushy tailed red squirrel, arrived at Westminster along with colleagues from the RSPB to promote the’ Vote for Bob’ Campaign, which is being supported by the Island’s MP.

The campaign, launched earlier this year by the RSPB, sets out to draw Government’s attention to the importance of preserving Britain’s countryside, by encouraging people all over the country to ‘vote for Bob’ and to contact their local MP to encourage their support

Monday’s event at Westminster, sponsored by the Island’s MP, Andrew Turner, was a drop-in session to enable the ‘vote for Bob’ representatives to talk to as many politicians as possible to encourage their support and to get nature included on the political agenda after the General Election.

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Mr Turner said:

“I was very pleased to be the first person to vote for Bob.  As the Island is one of the few remaining places where red squirrels are to be found I was rather taken with Bob.  We have some beautiful countryside on the Island and it is important that natural habitats are protected for future generations so I was very happy to sponsor this event to ensure as many of my colleagues as possible were told about the campaign.”

Dr Adam Dutton from the RSPB commented:

“We have been asking all politicians to vote for Bob as a vote for nature and to ask their Leaders to include nature in their manifestos and campaigns in the coming election.”

For more information and to vote for Bob go to:

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