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stmaryshospitalkohnImprovements to inpatient’s experiences at St Mary’s Hospital in Newport continue to improve, a Healthwatch visit has found.

During December 2013, Healthwatch Isle of Wight Enter and View Panel members visited Colwell, MAAU and St Helens wards at St Mary’s Hospital to find, highlight and share examples of good practice alongside providing evidence to contribute to the ongoing programme of development at Isle of Wight NHS Trust. The visits were also designed to allow patients and their families’ voices to be heard.

The reports looked at Staffing Structure, Patient/Visitor Feedback, Observations/Questions for Staff and Physical Environment. The general feedback was positive, with areas of very good practice highlighted. Recommendations were also included, to enhance the inpatient experience.

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To ensure that the recommendations were embedded in current practice the panel members re-visited the wards during December 2014.

Again the general feedback from the visits was positive with many of the previous recommendations having been implemented fully. As with previous visits we have made further recommendations which we hope will improve further patient’s experience.

Healthwatch highlighted ‘Protected Meal Times’ on St Helens Ward as an area of good practice during the initial visits and is extremely pleased to see this is being extended throughout the hospital.

The full reports are available at

Enter and View is not an inspection or a standalone activity, it is just one tool available to local Healthwatch for collecting evidence for a defined purpose.

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Chris Orchin, Board Member of Healthwatch Isle of Wight, said:

“The observations and comments of our Enter and View team of volunteers are designed to assist the hospital in developing their services in a way that improves the overall inpatient experience.

“Healthwatch regularly engages with the Trust in initiatives designed to improve the quality of services provided and will continue to monitor its overall performance.

“These Enter and View visits will complement work already being undertaken to gain insight and understanding around patient experience.”

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