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UPDATED: Following a prolonged period of heavy rain, mixed with high tides and strong winds, 2 flood alerts have been issued for the Isle of Wight this evening (Thursday).

The Environment Agency is warning that flooding is possible on the Eastern Yar and surrounding roads with the flood peak likely to reach Alverstone by about midnight and Sandown about an hour later. River levels will continue to rise until then.

Around the coast increasing high winds at high tide may lead to larger waves overtopping sea defences. Tidal water may impact coastal roads and car parks including the Wightlink ferry terminal at Yarmouth. Water levels will be high up slipways at Cowes and Newport.

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Another Flood Alert is likely to be issued for the late night tide tomorrow (Friday) due to a large surge event coinsiding with spring tides.

UPDATE @ 22:30 – The flood alert for the Eastern Yar has now been upgraded to a flood warning.

The Environment Agency say that flooding is likely in the Arreton, Alverstone and Langbridge areas with low lying land and roads expected to be affected.

Residents living in the area should prepare for flooding.

What to do when flooding hits

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  • Collect blankets, torch, first aid kit, medication and food
  • Move important documents, personal items, valuables, lightweight belongings upstairs or to high shelves
  • Raise large items of furniture, or put them in large bags if you have them
  • Move people, outdoor belongings, cars and pets to higher ground
  • Switch off water, gas and electricity at mains when water is about to enter your home. Do not touch sources of electricity when standing in water
  • Put plugs in sinks and baths and weigh them down with a pillowcase or plastic bag filled with soil
  • If you do not have non-return valves fitted, plug water inlet pipes with towels or cloths
  • Disconnect equipment that uses water, like washing machines and dishwashers
  • Stay out of floodwater

Whilst out on the road…

  • Avoid walking or driving through flood water
  • Be aware that flooding can cause manhole covers to come off
  • Keep children and vulnerable people out of floodwater
  • Don’t walk on sea defences or riverbanks
  • Take care or avoid crossing bridges when water levels are high
  • Take care crossing culverts as they are dangerous when flooded
  • Look out for other hazards such as fallen power lines and trees
  • Wash your hands thoroughly if you touch floodwater as it may be contaminated

In an emergency situation

  • Call 999 if you are in danger, or people have been injured
  • Check in on vulnerable neighbours
  • Move people and pets upstairs or to a higher place with means of escape
  • Remain calm
  • Evacuate when told
  • Follow the advice of emergency services if they tell you to evacuate – they will take you to a centre run by the local council and give you food and bedding

Details of all flood alerts can be found at

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