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tomsammimarriageproposal_005A couple from the Isle of Wight have added a whole new meaning to the term falling in love after sealing a 10,000ft sky dive with a ‘yes’ – a marriage proposal that had been secretly planned by 29-year-old Tom Gallier for nearly a year.

If sky diving above the beautiful Isle of Wight wasn’t a memory enough for happy couple of Tom Gallier and Sammi Spinks, the day was made that extra bit special when Tom went down on one knee after landing at Sandown Airport in one of the first jumps of the sky diving season.

tomsammimarriageproposal_004The couple, who met in 2012, had arranged to fly above the Island when they first found out that SkyDive Isle of Wight was offering the unique opportunity. Having brought 24-year-old Sammi an indoor sky diving experience as his first birthday present to her, Tom has always been clear that the next big step was to jump out of a plane for real.

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Although now living in Waterlooville after moving away from the Island 18 months ago due to work commitments, the pair wanted to return to their home town for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, which cost them just £240 each.

tomsammimarriageproposal_007There was just one slight hitch to Tom’s grand plan though – he was too heavy to jump! Having shifted 2 stone of muscle that he spent years gaining that problem was soon alleviated.

The big day arrived last Wednesday and completely unaware of what to expect, Sammi boarded the aeroplane with Tom and climbed to 10,000ft in just 15 minutes, circling above the Island’s countryside. Already nervous at the prospect of free falling in the skies above Sandown for over minute and then gliding to the ground for a further 4 minutes, Tom kept it together under the added pressure.

tomsammimarriageproposal_006Each strapped to an instructor, the pair touched down at Sandown Airport where Tom surprised Sammi by dropping down onto one knee before popping the question and, after a year in the planning, unsuspecting Sammi said yes.

Tom said:

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“I like to do things different, I always have.

“My first birthday present to Sammi was an indoor sky dive and I’ve always told her that it was just the warm up for the real thing.

“It was a great experience – we loved it!”

The next sky diving jumps at Sandown take place in July and August, details of which can be found at




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