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sandownbayofstedFEARING an Ofsted failure, Sandown Bay Academy have called for 2 extra development days next week to provide focused training for teachers and teaching assistants.

As a result, Years 7, 8, 9, and 10 will not be required to attend school on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th March. Years 11, 12 and 13 will be required to attend as per normal.

Island Echo understands that although a written report of the school’s current assessment is yet to be handed over by inspector Ofsted, it is not good news for Sandown Bay Academy (Formally Sandown High School).

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Staffing problems have hit the school in recent months, which could be a contributing factor in the decline of standards. In a letter sent to parents, John Gansler, Chair of Governors said: “We are very actively seeking to fill these vacancies and are searching widely on the mainland for suitable recruits.”

Island Echo has received information to suggest some pupils in the school have been requested to stay until 16:30 on Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th, although this has not been confirmed.

This news comes today as parents find out whether their first choice of secondary school for their children has been successful.

The Isle of Wight Council have revealed that 98.81% have been out of 1,181 applications.

Admissions for the Island’s Primary schools will be revealed at a later date in April.

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Today (Monday), Ofsted have finally revealed the report on the failings of the school, which now teaches pupils between Years 7 and 13.

Sandown Academy is failing in the following areas:

– Teaching standards are not good enough to speed up the progress of students.

– The lack of teachers especially in the English department is failing students.

– Not enough is being done to improve basic oral and written literacy skills.

– Behaviour is not controlled and is interrupting lessons.

– Bullying at the school is not tackled effectively.

– Disabled students are not getting the assistance they require

– The achievement of students during the first year since the schools reorganisation was not up to standard including core subjects English and Maths.

– Results for those students taking GCSEs were below the national average.

– Sixth Form as weak achievements.


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