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needlescoastwatchWatchkeepers at The National Coastwatch station at The Needles were kept busy yesterday (Wednesday), ensuring the safety of two people.

At 13:37 a duty watchkeeper made visual on a kayak that was not making any headway in his attempt to travel towards Alum Bay from the Needles. Just 20 minutes later the watchkeepers contacted Solent Coastguard expressing concerns that kayak was drifting South West and for the safety of the person on board.

The kayaker eventually capsized and was thrown a line by the nearby yacht ‘White Whisper’, who managed to get the causalty on board and take the kayak in tow back to Totland Bay.

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Watchkeepers kept Solent Coastguard informed of the ongoing situation, which concluded just after 15:00.

Not long passed before a watchkeeper was approached by a bystander stating that a visitor to the area had fallen. After going to investigate, the watchkeeper requested National Trust staff at the New Battery to obtain a first aid kit.

The female, accompanied by her husband, had grazed her knees and arms. The decision was made to call for an ambulance when it was noticed the casualties wrist was swelling.

The ambulance arrived some 36 minutes later to take casualty to St Mary’s Hospital, Newport.

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