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bradingfootpathVoters at Brading have approved a neighbourhood development plan for the area.

At a public referendum held yesterday (Thursda), 85.4% of those who voted were in favour of the plan, with 14.6% against.

Of the total votes cast, 310 were in favour and 53 against, representing a 21.44% turnout.

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The result means that the plan will come into force from Monday (23rd March), and planning applications within the parish of Brading will be determined against the Brading Neighbourhood Development Plan as well as the Island Plan and the National Planning Policy Framework.

It is the second such referendum to be staged on the Island since new regulations were introduced under the Localism Act 2011.

Brading follows Bembridge in approving a neighbourhood development plan. Three other areas have requested plans and are currently going through the process: Brighstone, Freshwater and Gurnard.

Chris Offer, Secretary of Brading Residents’ Action Group (BRAG) said:

“The result of the Neighbourhood Plan referendum is fantastic news, which confirms Brading’s wish for only appropriate development in our parish.

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“After the long, hard slog of all those involved with evolving the Neighbourhood Plan we owe it to them to ensure that all future planning applications comply with it and fight hard against any that don’t.

“Thanks are due to all who have voluntarily given their time and talents so generously on behalf of the residents of Brading parish to bring about this excellent result. They can take satisfaction that they have helped to make history in our parish”.

A formal request must be made and a regulated process followed for the development of a neighbourhood plan. In the five areas which have gone through or are currently going through the process, requests were made by the relevant parish or town council.

The Localism Act introduced the mechanism for local communities to produce neighbourhood plans. There is a legal responsibility to proceed to a referendum once it is considered the plan meets basic conditions and following a consultation process.

The Isle of Wight Council can claim £20,000 in government grant payment for each neighbourhood plan, with the grant going towards the development, examination and referendum for a plan.

Details of the Brading plan can be found on the council’s website at

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