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UKIP_logoIain McKie, UKIP Isle of Wight Parliamentary Candidate, has released his personal manifesto for the upcoming General Election.

The document summarises where McKie stands on the key issues affecting Islanders, covering areas such as Island transport, education, public health and the environment.

With a clear emphasis on supporting the Island’s businesses, McKie states his dedication to developing innovation, investment and job growth by establishing Enterprise Zones and Centres of Excellence on the Island.

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He offers an end to healthcare bureaucracy and a commitment to developing a more compassionate healthcare system for Island residents, alongside the promise of an “accessible and functional” transport system. Offering the instatement of a dedicated ferries ombudsman, McKie also reaffirms his commitment to the concessionary over-65s bus pass.  In an effort to ensure an excellent education is not reserved solely for students from more privileged backgrounds, McKie supports the reinstatement of grammar schools and the introduction of at least one such school to the Island by 2020.

A copy of Iain McKie’s manifesto can be downloaded here

Other issues addressed within the manifesto include a fairer taxation system which supports those most in need, a referendum on fracking, and cuts to Island-wide business rates in order to help fuel the Island’s economic growth.

Iain also offers a charter of values including four unique campaign pledges, offering transparency in dealings with public expenses, regular canvassing of local opinions, and a commitment to policies which support the Island and its residents.

Chief amongst his campaign pledges however is the promise of a voluntary recall and by-election prior to the end of his first term in office if a sufficient percentage of Island voters are dissatisfied with his work.

Iain has said:

“So far, I am the only candidate who has given this pledge”.

You can find out more about the Parliamentary campaign of Iain McKie by seeing or following him on Twitter at @Iainmckie_UKIP.

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