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andrewturnerelectionpartyThe Island’s MP, Andrew Turner, held a party on Sunday at the Riverside Centre  to thank those who turned out to help him during his election campaign.

Over 100 people attended and Mr Turner is writing individually to those who were unable to attend to thank them for their help.

Earlier this month Mr Turner was re-elected as the Island’s MP for a fourth consecutive term, increasing his majority to 13,700 – the largest majority seen on the Island for 35 years.

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Speaking at the event, Andrew said:

“Any successful election campaign requires teamwork, and I am very grateful to everyone who was part of my team.  Whether pounding the streets delivering leaflets, joining me in canvassing and in Town Centres or manning polling stations – I couldn’t have done it without you.

“I am now looking forward to the next five years representing the Island and Islanders, whether they voted for me, another candidate or didn’t vote at all.  We will carry on improving the economy, and making sure work always pays.  We will help young people to get the best start in life, while looking after the elderly and vulnerable in our society. And, of course, I will be working with colleagues in Parliament on the EU referendum and English Votes for English People.”

Campaign Manager, Maureen Shorter commented:

“Although the campaign team had no doubt Andrew would win, our continued optimism turned to excitement when the election results were announced last Friday morning. Despite the adverse publicity, the results proved that Islanders felt as we did, that Andrew was the best man to represent the Island for a further five years.

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“It takes a number of dedicated people to run a good campaign and it was great to get together with everyone on Sunday afternoon to celebrate Andrew’s success.”

Photographed L-R: Joy Walker (Isle of Wight Conservative Association Administrator); David Walker (IWCA Treasurer); Alison Child (IWCA Vice Chairman); Andrew Turner MP’ Cllr Ian Ward (IWCA Chairman) and George Cameron (IWCA Deputy Chair).

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